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11/21 Letters to the Editor

*Lions' food drive will benefit needy*McCain deserving of criticism as well*Boy Scouts helped make event a hit*Independence has good things going*Business owner moved by others*Monmouth Police deserve new home

November 20, 2012

Lions' food drive

will benefit needy

I would would like to thank the community members who participated in the Lions Food Drive at Safeway on Nov. 3.

We collected 641 pounds of food and received $35 in cash to donate to the local food bank. While not our largest collection, it was a good effort for a community that still suffers high unemployment.

We were occasionally happily surprised by the amount individuals contributed: at least once three bags were donated.

We also appreciate Safeway allowing us to set up in front of the store, thus helping the food bank.

Barb Chrisman, secretary

Dallas Lions Club


McCain deserving

of criticism as well

U.S. Sen. John McCain is constant in finding fault with the Obama administration. McCain, himself, is not without fault.

During the Korean War, McCain, as a pilot, destroyed three aircraft; trouble was they were ours.

Without a doubt he was brave as a prisoner of war during his stay at the Hanoi Hilton. However, it was a good thing that the vast majority of our fighting men caused a high toll of enemy deaths and destroyed vast amounts of their war equipment, causing the outcome of the Korean War to be in our favor.

Guess the sound beating he experienced when he ran for president against Obama in his first term has made him a critic of our president in a second term.

Don Basey


Boy Scouts helped

make event a hit

The residents of Dallas Retirement Village had the honor and pleasure of having five Boy Scouts from Dallas Troop No. 288 present the American flag at our weekly "music jam" Nov. 9.

This resident-run activity had an "Honor Our Veterans" night to celebrate our veterans in story and song. The Boy Scouts entered our assembly carrying the flag and then asked us to stand and join them in the Pledge of Allegiance.

On behalf of the Music Jam Committee, thank you to the members of Troop No. 288 who came to help us share our remembrance of our veterans and our love of our country. It was very much appreciated.

Cari Richey


Business owner

moved by others

Recently, I got to celebrate my 30 years in business. What a wonderful day it was -- so many family, friends and loyal clients stopped by with hugs, cards and gifts. I was overwhelmed; it was fun and emotional.

So to you all that made the day so special for me I want to say a heartfelt thank you.

I also want to give an extra thank you to my business neighbor, Mike at Some Things, for all his help and support, and Rachel and her staff at Blush who have been so kind. Mike and Rachel surprised me with a beautiful banner -- what a nice thing to do.

I have lived in Dallas all my life and have never regretted staying in Dallas to work. I have so enjoyed my job as a stylist. I have known so many wonderful people and have made some lifelong friends, and I hope to make a few more.

My co-workers, Terri, Tia, Sharon and Brittney, make coming to work fun and interesting. What a great job.

So, thanks again to all who helped celebrate and made the day a memorable one.

Carol Chaney

Four Seasons Styling


Independence has

good things going

I would like to respond to the letter "Boondoggles reign in Independence" (Nov. 14 Itemizer-Observer) about Mayor McArdle.

I think that the city of Independence did a fabulous job on the new City Hall. The lots across the street look better with the houses down (no burned out buildings) then leaving up old, run-down houses that are an eyesore.

I do believe that the building across from the old City Hall is an eyesore. It should be torn down. However, I don't blame Mayor McArdle for this; it was the contractors who left it there. Blame them.

As for the old City Hall, how else are you going to make it a thriving business without putting out a "for sale" sign in front of the building. Let's find a buyer that will turn it into something great for the city. How about Taylors? Is this Mr. McArdle's fault for being vacant in this hard economy?

I have never seen children playing in the "skeleton of a building" or transients taking up residence. I do believe that the police would put a stop to this before it starts. The only houses lost to this building was the old junkyard and building that occupied that space. I believe it was wrong for the city to ask the owner to leave.

The so-called dog park was done with volunteers and their own funds. Once this area is done it will look great. It takes time to transform a mud field into something valuable. It also brought money into the local economy during the Hop Festival.

I believe that Mayor McArdle has done a great job with running the city of Independence and has made plenty of improvements. We should stand up and applaud him for bringing positive change to our community.

David Christensen


Monmouth Police

deserve new home

As incoming president of the Monmouth Business Association, an involved citizen and former law enforcement officer, I would like to commend the Monmouth Police Department for its fine work, excellent skills and good will.

This team works diligently in the best interest of all citizens of Monmouth and they do it from a very ill-fitted building that does not lend itself to the element of professionalism needed. I fully support the future efforts of buying the Forest-Capital building on Highway 99 ("Monmouth police seek new home," Nov. 14 Itemizer-Observer).

The Monmouth Police Department and the work that it does merits a fit and proper facility from which to effectively represent the city and its citizens. It's the good fortune of the citizens of Monmouth to be voting on a bond measure to fund this just as the 20-year library bond (another brilliant stroke from which the public continues to reap) is expiring. It's a win-win for all involved.

As a small business owner who watches my pennies, I applaud the fiscally responsible and conservative city for taking this timely, rare and much-needed step.

Terri Gregory


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