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3/6 Letters to the Editor

*Agencies don't need tax bailouts*Clinton's remarks were out of line*Students made a positive impression*Independence levy worthy of support*It's time to ban backyard burning*Police levy details are available online

March 05, 2013

Agencies don't

need tax bailouts

It looks like the leaders of our city and county just don't listen or just don't care.

Get ready, the city of Dallas is looking for more funds in a street fee. Didn't we the voters just vote this down? The school system is short on funds and is looking for more money. Is there going to be a school levy in the near future for us? The county commissioners are working on a levy for this November for the sheriff's department. And most likely the county fire department is also going to be asking for funds.

So, we the voters will have less so they can have more? I can do with less services and a few more coins in my pocket.

Let's call this for what it is -- a bailout. They will never have enough.

Ken Mayer


Clinton's remarks

were out of line

"What difference does it make?" Hillary Rodham Clinton's angry words to a member of Congress when questioned about her performance while Secretary of State regarding the terrorist attack on our embassy in Benghazi, which resulted in the deaths of four Americans and the ambassador.

Four Americans were killed on the field of battle, defending our country with their lives. Totally outnumbered by terrorists, in a ratio of more than 100 to 1. Their calls for help were repeated and heard during the seven-hour fight -- and no aid came.

Thirteen unarmed soldiers were killed at Fort Hood by another terrorist, and he has been charged with violence in the workplace by a government agency. Not murder, not treason, not terrorism.

More than 100,000 men died in Vietnam and Korea. More than 300,000 men died during World War I and II. In excess of 600,000 men died in our Civil War.

All these men died fighting for our country. They believed in our Constitution and in our form of government. They believed in the sacrifices of our founding fathers and the Bill of Rights that they formed for us back in 1776. They believed in a United States of America.

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights give us our individual liberties and freedoms. Generations of Americans have taken up arms to protect these rights. Their sacrifices should not be trivialized.

For the former Secretary of State to make such a comment showed complete lack of respect for the men who died fighting to protect our country. It was a shameful statement. The death of every citizen who is trying to protect our heritage counts. It makes a difference to us all. They died fighting for us and our country.

Hillary, that's what difference it makes.

Richard C. Evans


Students made a

positive impression

I'm still smiling.

Last Wednesday night (Feb. 27) my wife and I visited the frozen yogurt shop in Monmouth. Upon our arrival we noticed inside the shop a large number of WOU students chatting, laughing and enjoying themselves.

The reason for my note is to let you know all of them represented the school well, but the standout in the crowd was the Lacrosse team that was near the door. I estimate there were eight or more guys.

When they exited, the person I will call "the captain" said, "hey, we can't leave this like this!", and called back a couple of guys to toss the cups that they left on the table in the trash.

I thought the Lacrosse team was a pretty impressive group of young men. They single-handedly restored my faith in today's youth.

We thank them and their coach for understanding that remembering your manners is a building block to their future success in society. After all, isn't that why you send kids to college?

Mike Berkes


Independence levy

worthy of support

As a 20-year resident of Independence, I have watched our town transform.

The library, amphitheater and downtown are just a few examples. Through the use of grants, these projects were completed at significant savings.

Unfortunately, the economic downturn has impacted city finances. The city has reduced staffing by 20 percent and has spent reserves waiting for recovery. This has not materialized and our community is faced with the prospect of deep service cuts.

This May, citizens will have the opportunity to pass a bond to resolve the financial issues and prevent further cuts. Please join me with a "yes" vote.

Kathy Martin-Willis


It's time to ban

backyard burning

The Dallas City Council is finally discussing backyard burning again. However, a permit system was proposed that would allow a resident to burn certain materials in their backyards during the state-mandated dates and times. There would also be penalties for those who do not buy permits or burn prohibited materials.

In my opinion, this is a poor solution for many reasons. It creates a new level of government at a time when city staffing, services, programs and budgets are being reduced and eliminated.

Mr. Foggin states that backyard burning helps property owners clean up their yards. At what cost? I am not willing to continue sacrificing clean air for the convenience of the few that insist on filling their neighborhoods with smoke. We have yard debris collection, and composting and chipping are well known and easy solutions for reducing yard debris.

Does the city really think that the fire department will not have to respond to burn complaints just because a permit has been issued? That is irresponsible and potentially dangerous. This plan proposes that the Code Enforcement Officer will enforce the permit system. This is a part-time position with limited hours.

I believe that this proposed permit system could generate even more burn complaints if residents suspect the property owner doesn't have a permit. This system will not be a control on backyard burning or improve our air quality; it will just be a new revenue stream for the city.

One of the things I cherish most about Oregon is clean air. It is distressing after a beautiful drive in from Salem only to find obnoxious, choking smoke greeting you as you enter the city limits of Dallas. The time has come to finally ban backyard burning in Dallas. Please get involved if you love clean air.

Joe Koubek


Police levy details

are available online

A political action committee, Friends of Monmouth Police, has been formed to assist in getting information out to voters. It can be reached at, as well as on Facebook at

Fill out the contact form on the website and let us know how you can help. We will need people to write letters, knock on doors and put signs in their yards, as well as donate money. "Like" the Facebook page to keep up-to-date with events and activities.

We look forward to seeing and talking with you as we move forward to building a more effective Monmouth Police Station.

Steve Milligan



Election Letter Season Has Arrived

EDITOR'S NOTE: Now that the Monmouth and Independence city councils have formally approved placing general obligation bond levies on the May Polk County ballot, all Letters to the Editor that address those issues are considered "election letters" and subject to the Itemizer-Observer's policy that limits the length of such letters to 100 words. Thank you.

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