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3/13 Letters to the Editor

*Cost of government to tough to afford*Kudos to police for Wyatt investigation*Foundation's help will aid Bambinos*Local food program thankful for grant*Wrestling coverage is worthy of praise*City bond request deserves 'yes' vote

March 13, 2013

Cost of government

is tough to afford

The "perfect storm" seems to be heading our way with the way local governments are trying to pay for services.

With the local cities and even the county, along with the fire district, all looking at levies, it appears property owners are going to be impacted.

Our system relies heavily on folks with now devalued property to pay for services that everyone enjoys. The problem is that when I look at wages, I see equal cuts or even limited cost of living plus high unemployment.

I noticed the city of Dallas dealt with their deficit shortfall in a different way and I feel their pain but applaud their effort. It seems that no one within government must talk with each other or they would try to plan levies where the tidal wave effect doesn't compound an already existing problem.

The voters can only help so long and when it stops it will be because of the cumulative effect of a myopic government.

Jim Harper


Kudos to police for

Wyatt investigation

Over the past several months I watched as Jerry Wyatt, the former Dallas city manager, was believed to be doing wrong. He finally quit his job over the charges.

Articles in the newspapers only touched on the vague details. That seems to be happening with these things. Finally, he had his day in court and admitted to his crimes.

Not once did I see anything from the newspapers that said how proud we should be of our police force. They did a tough job and, according to the Oregon Justice Department, did it very well.

Someone needs to say "nice work" to Dallas Police Chief John Teague and his team, so I will.

Rex Friesen


EDITOR's NOTE: We encourage the author to revisit the Itemizer-Observer's coverage of the Jerry Wyatt saga, particularly the Feb. 6 issue. We believe the stories and coverage as details about the case emerged were anything but vague.

Foundation's help

will aid Bambinos

On behalf of the volunteers of Bambinos, we would like to extend a huge thank you to the Dallas Community Foundation.

They awarded a grant to Bambinos that will pay our office rent for five months this year. Thank you, DCF, for believing in us.

Learn more about Bambinos at

Beth Jones


Local food program

thankful for grant

It is my pleasure once again this year to recognize the Dallas Community Foundation.

They care so much for our community and help so many needy causes each year. Not only do they offer grants to nonprofits in the area each year, they even provided grant workshops this year to help the grantees write their proposals.

On Thursday, the grant awards ceremony was conducted at the Dallas Public Library and many worthy organizations benefited from their generosity. So having said that, I would like to sincerely thank them for the generous $1,750 grant that we at the Willamette Valley Food Assistance Program were awarded to help feed needy families in our community this year.

Thanks again.

Kathy Chiles


Wrestling coverage

is worthy of praise

Another excellent season has concluded for the Dallas High wrestling team. During that time, many well-written, insightful and wide-ranging articles were written about the team and its members and coaches.

Nicole Watkins, the reporter at the Itemizer-Observer who authored those articles, was recognized as the Wrestling Journalist of the Year at the State Wrestling Championships for her coverage of the team and the sport.

Congratulations to Nicole on receiving this award.

Sal Passantino


City bond request

deserves 'yes' vote

I recently moved to Independence. The quality of life and excellent services provided by the city played a major role in my decision to make Independence my home.

We have beautiful parks, an accessible police department that is heavily involved in the community and a vibrant downtown filled with activities.

Unfortunately, Independence was hit hard by the Great Recession. The city has already been forced to make deep cuts to staff.

I don't want to see our city become another victim of the recession. I support the bond measure and ask you to vote "yes" with me.

Jason Kistler


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