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3/27 Letters to the Editor

*Rescuer of cat was quick to respond*Police station levy deserves 'yes' vote*Bridge discussion boycott frustrating*Highway 22 issues not being addressed*Community needs Independence bond*Gifts appreciated by the Arc of Polk

March 27, 2013

Rescuer of cat was

quick to respond

A special pat on the back and thank you to Pacific Power and its employee, John Strader, for their fast and effective action on rescuing a neighborhood cat that had stranded itself on a power pole for about 36 hours last week.

Because I'm a member of the Dallas City Council, I was contacted by the cat's owner and her three young daughters about the situation -- they had already called the police and 9-1-1 and been told this was out of their jurisdiction.

I called the Pacific Power number listed in the phone book and found it relatively easy to move through the procedure. Within five minutes I was talking to a Pacific Power representative who was both sympathetic and responsive.

Mr. Strader showed up within an hour and convinced the cat to come on down -- so there was a happy reunion between the cat and the three young girls.

After some recent nightmare type of dealings with Microsoft and AT&T, I found the simplicity, positive attitude and speedy response demonstrated by Pacific Power and John Strader to be refreshing.

Jim Fairchild


Police station levy

deserves 'yes' vote

Vote "yes" on the Monmouth Police Station bond measure.

The current city police facility is inadequate to handle the needs of a present-day police force. The police operations are housed in multiple locations, making it very difficult to operate efficiently.

The proposed new police station would allow a single secure building to house the entire operations of the police department. It makes good sense to have police operations under one roof.

The cost would be minimal; most family's tax increase would be less than $3 per month. I urge you to vote "yes" on May 21.

Nancy Hier


Bridge discussion

boycott frustrating

KWVT Channel 17 broadcast its first installment of "Valley View" that looks at items of interest to the area with emphasis on the Mid-Willamette Valley. The subject this month was the third bridge in Salem. This will definitely affect most residents of Polk County.

Invited were the mayor of Salem, mayor of Keizer, Salem chamber, Dallas chamber and people with "No Bridge." The city of Salem was invited to provide the data in an unbiased form, Salem chamber to represent the proponents, the "no-bridge" as the opponents and finally the city of Keizer and Dallas chamber representing the economic impact for their communities.

Less than three days before the live broadcast, all proponents and neutral parties canceled.

Where will the money come from for this project? Based on our research it seems there is no federal or state dollars for this project. This then leaves the county and Salem to absorb the cost, hovering in the $750 million range for the front-runner proposal.

Items for consideration are raising property taxes for the counties and tolls on one or all three bridges, among others. The one item that seems to get most people's attention is a toll on one or all bridges.

For Polk County residents this would affect them the most in that there are no large businesses like Home Depot and Fred Meyer in Polk County. Residents who want to shop these businesses or simply want to get to I-5 would have to pay a toll. Those that work on the other side of the river will pay every day, hovering around $60 a month.

Get informed. Know what may be affecting you like we did.

Ken Lewetag


Highway 22 issues

not being addressed

The bean counters will have us believe that the solution to our problems with Oregon roads can be solved with laws and citations. Meanwhile, people still are being killed.

Such was the case on Highway 22 last week, when the life of an expecting mother and high school teacher ended. The fact is that the world will never stop cranking out ice, foul weather, teenagers, drunks and cellphones.

We depend on the government class to act in accordance with ever-changing technology and society, including faster cars, increased population and increased liberties.

It took nearly 20 years of fighting after the fatal crash in 1972 on San Jose, Calif.'s "Blood Alley," that took the lives of three young servicemen, including my cousin, to get the road redesigned. They survived months in Vietnam and only days here in the U.S.

I expected that after a couple of years ago where a woman died in a fiery crash on Highway 22 that my government would have made some changes. My government has let me down. The sheriff's department does what it can and no doubt it wishes tickets would be the answer, but I am sure they are feeling stuck right now.

Expect the radar guns this week and more alienation between the sheriff and the driving public -- and more deaths. It is what it is.

Randy Wisnia


Community needs

Independence bond

I plan on voting "yes" on the upcoming bond for Independence.

I know that the city has already taken pre-emptive measures by reducing 20 percent of its staff. I also know that the bond does not provide add-backs or increases for the city; it simply allows the city to continue current levels of police coverage, open hours at the library, timely street and sewer maintenance, keeps the pool and museum open, and continue to have summer movies and concerts at the amphitheater.

More information can be found at

Join me in voting "yes" on the bond.

Marilyn Morton


Gifts appreciated

by the Arc of Polk

The Arc of Polk County has been blessed by our community.

Our organization serves individuals in Polk County who have intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

We were recently awarded $750 from the Dallas Community Foundation for the ongoing support of our new group, Strengthening Family and Friends, and for the purchase of a new karaoke system for our dances that are held every second and fourth Fridays at the Academy Gym.

In addition, H2O has donated 60 stuffed animals to be given out at our spring dance.

We sincerely appreciate the support of our community.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Arc, or learning how you can participate, we have opportunities for volunteers to share skills and abilities. Call me at 503-949-5552 for more details.

Jan Novak


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