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4/10 Letters to the Editor

*Edwards residents want their chickens*Minor fixes would help Highway 22*Appalling condition noted in courtroom*99W is good spot for a police station*Consider city bond as an investment

April 10, 2013

Edwards residents

want their chickens

I disagree with Monmouth City Manager Scott McClure's opinion that "This isn't just an issue of Edwards Addition, but everyone" ("Homeowners seek `chicken collective,'" March 13 Itemizer-Observer).

Who is the "everyone" that would be affected if we were allowed to have chickens at the Edwards farm? As far as I can see, it would only affect those living nearby -- residents of Edwards Addition.

My suggestion would be to poll the residents of Edwards Addition. I doubt that there would be many residents who would object to the chickens. I, myself, would welcome them.

Virginia Paul


Minor fixes would

help Highway 22

Thank you for the recent Itemizer-Observer article highlighting the hazards of driving on Highway 22 ("Hazardous Highway," April 3). Oak Grove residents have long been concerned about the increasing traffic at the intersection of Oak Grove Road and Highway 22.

While the Rickreall interchange has greatly enhanced safety in that area, it can create a continuous flow of traffic with no gaps at the Oak Grove and Highway 22 intersection.

Most residents of the Oak Grove area heading to Salem are forced to use the center lane and wait to merge with east-bound traffic. The process of crossing the west-bound lane and waiting to merge is particularly dangerous at night and in inclement weather. There is also the concern of being rear-ended by east-bound traffic. The lane markings are virtually impossible to see with the glare of oncoming lights. It is not uncommon to meet traffic waiting in the center lane heading west waiting to turn onto South Oak Grove Road.

Most local residents can attest to being a part of or witnessing several "narrow" escapes and we are now counting multiple fatalities and serious injuries in this area.

We are aware that ODOT reconfiguring this interchange may be decades away. The installation of lighting to improve visibility at both the south and north Oak Grove intersections on Highway 22 would improve safety. Adding reflective lane markers would be a great help. The lighting could be similar to the Greenwood intersection. The Greenwood intersection has actually had fewer accidents in recent years.

These changes are something that can be done at a relatively small cost. It is not the best solution, but it can be done now and may save lives.

Keith Harris

West Salem (Oak Grove)

Appalling condition

noted in courtroom

Last week I was called to jury service on a scheduled trial. I am writing to express concerns over the conditions in the Polk County Courthouse.

Courtroom No. 1 was musty smelling, the metal ceiling tiles looked like they were going to fall, the windows were dirty, and the window sills were dirty and worn to bare wood.

The place was dark and disgusting. I am ashamed of the Polk County Commissioners for allowing this to happen to this building.

Gary Weis


99W is good spot

for a police station

As a former student of Western Oregon University and a permanent resident of Monmouth, I am proud of the progressive attitude our city is showing in procuring a suitable site for the Monmouth Police Department.

I temporarily live out of the country and am proud of the impact that WOU students are making on the world. In turn, Monmouth constantly receives visitors from across the globe. I, for one, think it is about time there was some major city representation on Highway 99W, which will make it easier for travelers and visitors to find the help they need.

John W. Gregory


Consider city bond

as an investment

It is easy to get sidetracked about the Independence bond measure, but it is how you personally can preserve jobs, provide for the safety of our citizens, and prevent drastic cuts of services.

Yes, it will cost a few dollars a year; but without it, the inability to respond to emergency situations can far outweigh the costs.

We all know that spending money on paint for our house protects its value. How much more will full services and a vibrant community protect the value of your house?

Protect your investments and vote for the Independence bond.

Rod Killen


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