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5/1 Letters to the Editor

*Cost of medical care out of hand*Woods good choice for school board*Support efforts to stop child abuse*City bond for police station? Vote 'no'*Meyer deserving of re-election bid*Woods is worthy of Dallas board*Vote 'yes' to save community services*Police, city deserve new station site*There's a need for new police station*Re-elect Meyer to school board*Police station bond money well spent*District benefits from Meyer's work

April 30, 2013

Cost of medical

care out of hand

A couple of weeks ago while dining with friends, I ate something that caused an allergic reaction. I took oral antihistamines, but to be safe I went to West Valley Hospital in Dallas.

There, I requested an injection to alleviate the allergic symptoms. I was briefly examined first by a nurse, then by a doctor, given an injection (poorly I might add), and left shortly afterward.

Recently, I received a bill from West Valley Hospital: $718 "Emergency Room Fee"; $20.25 for the injection; and, to add insult to injury, the doctor who spent less than 3 minutes with me charged a separate $295 for her efforts, for a total of $1,033.25.

Other than the hour spent waiting for the nurse and the doctor, my total time for examination, injection and discharge paperwork was less than 14 minutes.

My insurance covered $90 of the charge; I paid the balance of the inflated charges out of my pocket. I can only assume that the cost to the medical treatment facilities treating those who cannot or will not pay must be covered by inflating the charges for those of us who can afford to pay.

Many patients whose treatment is covered by insurance seldom look closely at the billing. If those were out-of-pocket charges, I'll wager there would be a stronger voice against these commonplace overcharges.

Often patients without insurance use the emergency room for an outpatient clinic, with the expectation that the insured or financially responsible will pay for those who don't or can't.

This is tantamount to me asking, no, forcing my neighbors to contribute financially to the cost of my life's eventualities. Many politicos are in debate over the virtues of socialized medicine. Well, here is your wake-up call -- we already have it, and Obamacare won't fix it.

Gary Brown


Woods good choice

for school board

I fully support Jon Woods for the Dallas School Board.

His experience on the board since November of 2012 gives him the edge against other candidates. His experience as a student through the Dallas school system, his service on the citizens advisory committee and on the school facilities committee gives him the background to help make informed decisions for the community.

Jon is a local business owner and also volunteers as a coach for Kids, Inc. Let's keep him on the school board. Vote for Jon Woods.

David Voves


Support efforts to

stop child abuse

Child abuse is a heartrending and difficult issue in our society. Many people in our community felt so strongly about the issue that they took to the streets of Dallas at noon on April 22 to show their support in the Child Abuse Prevention Walk.

Mid-Valley Parenting of Polk County organized the event that saw 120 strong wearing blue, sporting ribbons and carrying pinwheels.

We cannot thank the citizens of Polk County enough for walking in an attempt to heighten awareness and advocate for children. The participants were a pleasure and the children a delight.

Thank you again for bringing light to this important matter.

Lisa Shepard


City bond for police

station? Vote 'no'

The May vote regarding the proposed Monmouth Police Station nears. We are told this is the best answer to solve the small current station.

Remember, Parkinson's Law says that if a bureaucracy is given more space and money needed to operate, it will produce the time and effort to fill that void.

The proposed station is three times as large as the current one. You can be assured the police population and budget will soon follow.

If you, as have I, been ignored and stonewalled by Monmouth government, now is the time to have your say. Vote "no" on 27-106.

Donald W. Dutcher


Meyer deserving

of re-election bid

I support Lu Ann Meyer for Dallas School Board Position 3.

She has served on the board for eight years, which represents her strong commitment for students. Her accounting background is an asset in these very difficult times of limited school funding.

She was instrumental in forming the Dallas Education Fund, which recently became the Dallas Education Foundation. She is dedicated to serving the Dallas School District to insure students have a sound education to further their pursuit of higher education and work opportunities.

Join me in voting for Lu Ann Meyer for Dallas School Board.

LaVonne Wilson


Woods is worthy

of Dallas board

Jon Woods is our choice for Dallas School Board, Position 1.

Jon is an informed and active member of the Dallas community. He is a businessman and family man. In the fall, when the Dallas School Board had an opening, Jon was selected to fill out the term, giving him experience in the workings of budgets, policies and personnel.

In today's economic times our schools need leadership from informed individuals who have business experience, strong family values and a commitment to education. Jon Woods is that person.

Jim and Barbara Chaney


Vote 'yes' to save

community services

Independence residents, it's vital that we vote "yes" on the May 21 refinance bond issue.

Failure of Measure 27-107 will close the Heritage Museum, the city pool, and further reduce police and library staff and library hours (the city has already reduced staff about 20 percent).

For details on how we got here, how the measure will work, and what it will cost homeowners, see the Q&A at

Dave Martin


Police, city deserve

new station site

Join the hundreds of Monmouth voters who are supporting 27-106.

Passing this measure will provide our police department with a reasonably-priced, efficient and highly-visible space. The current facility is not adequate for a full-service police operation and needs to be replaced by a building that is safe, secure and will meet the needs of the department and the community well into the future.

Remodeling an existing structure and doing it while taking advantage of relatively low real estate prices and interest rates is wise stewardship of our tax dollars.

Vote "yes" -- our police department and the citizens deserve nothing less.

Jerry Freshour


There's a need for

new police station

I support the bond measure for the new police station in Monmouth.

Our city government has done research, conducted a survey and had multiple discussions before asking the voters to pass the bond measure. There is a need for a new police station and the cost is low at 45 cents per $1,000 of assessed value. The new police station will meet our needs for 25 years.

Please join me in voting "yes" on Ballot Measure 27-106.

Phyllis Bolman


Re-elect Meyer

to school board

I am writing in support of Lu Ann Meyer for Dallas School Board.

I have three children in the district. She has shown strong support for the educational needs of our children during eight years of tight budgets.

I was fortunate to work with Lu Ann on the Dallas Education Fund committee and she impressed me with her creative ideas for fundraising and commitment to our community.

I am excited that Lu Ann wants to continue the hard work for another four years. Please show her your support with your vote.

Lisa Borja


Police station bond

is money well spent

The city of Monmouth is safe and clean because of good city government and excellent police services. As citizens, we receive far better services than what we pay for.

Please support Measure 27-106 to purchase the old Boise Cascade property and renovate it for a new police station. The building is newer construction in a prime location, already fortified to prevent another terrorist attack. Now it's sitting empty with no prospect of being sold.

The small monthly tax bump is money well spent. The new facility is a good investment. The only "no win" situation is to vote "no."

Page K. McBeth


District benefits

from Meyer's work

I endorse the re-election of Lu Ann Meyer for Dallas School Board.

As an eight-year member and past president of the Dallas School Board, it is evident that she takes the education of local children seriously. But she does more than just sit on the school board. She works with enthusiasm to recruit volunteers to work in the elementary schools and mentors for the high school, thereby including school district patrons in providing extra support and attention for our children's school experience.

I ask for your assistance in re-electing Lu Ann to the Dallas School Board.

Russell G. Dimberg


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