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5/29 Letters to the Editor

*Volunteers aided recent food drive*Do something about sidewalks*City library needs to refocus mission*DSD board member thankful for support*Presence of color guard appreciated

May 28, 2013

Volunteers aided

recent food drive

I would like to thank all those who made the recent Letter Carrier Food Drive a success in Dallas. With the help of many, we were able to collect 7,551 pounds of food for the Dallas Food Bank.

I first want to thank all the customers who gave and a big thanks to Mr. Regehr, who donated four large boxes of food he bought at a local store. Dallas Church again stepped up to help pick up and sort all the donations. Stephanie Campbell was able to get plenty of people to help. The Knights of Columbus were also there to help sort and get the food to the food bank. Leonard Hlavinka and the volunteers from the food bank weighed, sorted and delivered the donations to the food bank.

Dallas letter carriers were of course instrumental in the drive, from delivering the postcards and donation bags to picking up food while delivering their mail. A few rural carriers also delivered their mail and picked up food along their routes.

Domino's was very helpful in helping feed all the volunteers and stepped up when other businesses couldn't.

Thanks again, Dallas, for helping feed the hungry in Dallas and showing how much you care about your neighbors. We appreciate all those who made this day a success.

Shelley McGillem


Do something

about sidewalks

Many downtown intersections have the sidewalks sticking out into the street, right into the logical path of cars making right-hand turns.

On Friday, I ran over one of them because I was making a right turn onto the two-lane, one-way street at the same time a person opposite was making a left turn onto it.

Even though I had the right-of-way, we each had a lane to turn into, so no problem, right? But I was watching the car and forgot about the misplaced sidewalk. You guessed it, I ran over the curb, cutting my right-rear tire.

The worst thing about those evil sidewalk peninsulas, however, is the danger into which they put pedestrians.

I can't think of one single good reason for the sidewalk to stick out so far, but I can think of several reasons why they should not. So, city, county or state -- fix them.

Charlie Ellsworth


DSD board member

thankful for support

My sincere thanks to the voters who elected me to the Dallas School Board for another term. Thank you for placing your trust in me and allowing me the opportunity to continue to work with the Dallas School District.

I am proud of the student achievement improvements occurring in reading and math and applaud the teachers and support staff for their hard work, dedication and diligence. They are truly making a difference.

I encourage you as parents and members of our community to support our students by being informed and involved in our schools. Sign up for the list-serv, frequently review the district website, come to school board meetings, be a volunteer, etc. There are many needs and your involvement is welcomed.

Please join me in supporting the students and staff of the Dallas School District.

Lu Ann Meyer


Presence of color

guard appreciated

The residents of Dallas Retirement Village were very appreciative of the American Legion Dallas Post No. 20 Color Guard presentation of the flag at the Friday Night Music Jam celebration of Memorial Day on May 24.

On behalf of the Friday Night Music Jam Committee, thank you for the honor of your presence and for your work in Dallas.

Cari Richey


City library needs

to refocus mission

The city of Independence narrowly approved a multimillion dollar property tax increase to facilitate, in part, maintaining the library services at their current level. Now might be a good time to mention that those buckets of taxpayer dollars can be used for necessary improvements.

The library ceased to be a house of knowledge and a center for learning when it evolved into a contemporary day care for unsupervised children with video game computers to play with.

Children under the age of 13 should be accompanied by an adult when utilizing library services. Any unattended child could claim to have been molested in the restroom or crack their head on a table while horsing about. Naturally, the family would then sue the city for thousands. Cost of this modification to the taxpayers: nothing.

Library computers should not to be used for video gaming of any kind at any time. What is the social redeeming factor in allowing this video crack addiction? Cost of this modification to the taxpayers: nothing.

Who is accountable for the clutter within the Independence library? Loaded with litter, empty candy wrappers and fast food coffee cups -- it is the dirtiest public building in the city. An attainable example would be Monmouth's library, which is efficient, clean, clutter free and well managed. Cost of this modification to the taxpayers: nothing.

What did we need that additional tax burden for again?

Ron Smith


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