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6/5 Letters to the Editor

*Thieves are asked to return gnomes*Community gets much from library*Businesses step up for school program*Kudos dished out for local good deed

June 04, 2013

Thieves are asked

to return gnomes

I hope the gnome thieves are enjoying my gnomes that are now in their yard.

The two most recent gnomes that you stole are Trucker, pushing a ceramic wheelbarrow full of flowers, and Axle, holding an ax. The two prior to that were Ordie, who was holding a watering can, and Smokie, holding a pipe and wearing a tobacco pouch.

I also want to let you know that my late husband and I worked on these together; it was a nice activity we could both enjoy together.

It would be nice to have these returned to me in one piece, no questions asked.

Fran Holm


Community gets

much from library

Thank you for approving the bond for the city of Independence.

My special thanks is for the Independence Public Library to be able to continue with its superb service to our community. Above and beyond your tax dollars, so many of you believe in and support our Friends of the Independence Public Library fundraisers and extra money donations to provide all the many summer programs for kids and adults (also programs and needs the year around).

The friendly and helpful staff and volunteers keep the library running smoothly. Computers are available for all ages (some have no other access to computers).

The reading challenge last summer with rewards to winners included: 111 toddlers, 436 kids, 133 teens and 306 adults. I always comment that our kids later in life will look back and remember what an awesome library we had. Great memories.

Betty Chapman Plude, chairwoman

Friends of the Library


Kudos dished out

for local good deed

On May 26, I was transporting my sister-in-law's recliner chair. The back blew off and was missing when I arrived at my destination.

Retracing my route I found it propped up against a post on East Ellendale Avenue near a retail store on the south side of the road. No rips, tears or dust.

I so appreciate the person or persons who took time to retrieve it from the roadway and place it in a safe place with high visibility. Thank you so much.

Stann Lyman


Businesses step up

for school program

I'd like to thank the following businesses for providing vocational training opportunities to students in Project ACHIEVE, Dallas High School's post high program, during this school year.

My students received on-the-job-training while doing a variety of tasks for these businesses. This training is valuable in preparing my students for paid work once they finish school.

Many thanks go to: Alpha Dog, Dallas City Library, Dallas Health and Vitality Center, Dallas Retirement Village, Dallas School District Office and Printing Room, Dragon Brew, Dragonfly Preschool, Future Image, Radio Shack and Shannon's Pet Stylin'.

Betsy Seth


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