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6/26 Letters to the Editor

*Do your part, help remove ivy vines*Lack of response is disappointing*Fundraiser brings attention to CASA*Quit complaining about barking dogs*GOP 'war machine' is going at it again

June 25, 2013

Do your part, help

remove ivy vines

To him he was a sturdy oak, and she a clinging vine. But the vine did twine and twine, and choked the oak. Poor bloke!

To avoid the senseless neglect and abuse of our oxygen refining machines (the trees), remove ivy from trees and structures.

The vines retain moisture that causes rot of bark and trunks. The vines produce an attractive berry (poisonous to children) but easily spread to other vulnerable sites by birds, perhaps by the very starlings that nest there.

Sunlight is necessary to tree health but is prevented from falling on the leaves by the shade-producing vines.

It is not legal for plant nurseries to sell ivy. Entire cities have ceased planting it in parks and public areas and are now spending enormous amounts of time and money to prevent its proliferation.

Join the "no ivy league" to show that you are a responsible property occupant. Spread the word and hope that it will increase as rapidly as the vines.

Jo Yeager


Quit complaining

about barking dogs

I am very concerned about people who complain about barking dogs.

I have dogs; they tend to bark.

My question is this: I have lived in Dallas since 2005. I had neighbors move in behind us because I have dogs. That neighbor relocated because of work. The new neighbor knew I had dogs and are complaining about the barking dogs in and around our area during the day.

If they don't like the barking dogs then move and don't keep complaining to the law enforcement agencies. The dogs were here before the complainers were, so if they don't like the barking dogs, move or quit complaining.

Douglas Rhoton


Lack of response

is disappointing

On June 11, I came across an issue that was legislative in nature so I thought I would contact my State Senator, Brian Boquist. Since he is our "local" legislator and from Dallas, this seemed like the logical place to start.

After several days of no response to my email, I sent multiple copies to his office and was told by his staff that he is real busy and would respond.

As of June 21 I have still not received a response or even an acknowledgment from the senator that he is working on the issue. It is sad when folks take on legislative positions who obviously do not understand common courtesy. What's worse is I was mistaken when I voted for him because I thought he represented these values.

If he is representative of the way our party deals with folks who elect them, then it is no wonder we have problems connecting. After more than 30 years dealing with the public, I understand good manners from bad or none.

Maybe my vote in the future won't matter to the senator, but I hope the folks who read this will ask the question about character before they vote.

James Harper


Fundraiser brings

attention to CASA

I wish to thank everyone who contributed to the success of our first annual Dine Out for CASA on June 4.

Our goal was to bring attention to and raise money for Court Appointed Special Advocates, a program that matches highly-trained volunteers with foster children who are in the court system due to abuse or neglect.

Thanks so much to Laney Ensey and Aries Fast who did so much legwork visiting restaurants and posting posters. A big thanks to the restaurants who participated and contributed a portion of their profits: In Monmouth/Independence, Dairy Queen, Frozation Nation, Funky Bun, Big Town Hero, San Antonio Mexican Restaurant and The Lion's Share Coffeehouse and Bakery.

Thanks to those of you who "dined out" and I hope you and others will continue to patronize these fine establishments throughout the year.

Finally, we so appreciate the Polk County Itemizer-Observer for the wonderful coverage of our event. Not only did the paper help us recruit the restaurants and spread the news about our event, it published an in-depth article explaining the CASA program and the role a CASA plays in a foster's child's life.

Thanks again to everyone who helped Polk County CASA continue in its mission to "Lift up a child's voice. A child's life."

Elaine Ferguson

Friends of Polk County CASA


GOP 'war machine'

is going at it again

Pity the Republican Party.

GOPers like Lindsey Graham, John McCain and others are sad because of the war shortage. Iraq is over and Afghanistan soon will be. Their protestations that we should get seriously involved in Syria keep falling onto America's deaf ears.

But wait. There's hope. Let's have a war on the border with Mexico. Part of the GOP proposal regarding revision of U.S. immigration policy includes hiring thousands of new border patrol agents -- in fact, enough new agents to put one every 5 yards along the whole border.

Great news: A whole new cadre of armed government officers. Plus, these jobs, like a big chunk of Iraq and Afghanistan jobs, can be privatized. Now, not only do we get a few corporate leaders making millions more off government contracts but yet another whole bunch of poorly trained, poorly paid workers carrying weapons.

The companies they work for will be gems much like KBR (which electrocuted a large number of soldiers with faulty showers), Halliburton (which poisoned many troops with spoiled, tainted food under contract) or Blackwater (which shot up an Iraqi intersection, killing 13 innocent people including children).

An additional benefit is that we can increasingly arm these swaggering folks and therefore keep funneling billions of dollars to the Military Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned us against. Millions for contractors, more poor paying, no benefit jobs, and lots more lobbying money into the hands of Congress. This will make America proud again.

By the way, it turns out you're OK: The government IS watching you 24/7.

Fred Brown


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