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8/28 Letters to the Editor

*'The Crawl' was a successful event*Fire crews receive kudos for response*DHS XC showed great attitudes*Wrestling program appreciates help*donations to dog control unit valued*Citizens need say on code revisions

August 27, 2013

'The Crawl' was a

successful event

Hats off to Crush Wine Bar, J's 99 Grill, West Coast Pizza, Main Street Pub & Eatery, Sing Fay Chinese Cuisine and Ragin' River Steakhouse for hosting The Crawl event Aug. 17.

If you missed it, you missed a great time. We reminisced about old buildings and favorite businesses of another time, caught up with folks we had lost touch with and made new friends.

All of the businesses we "crawled" to treated us to yummy bites and wonderful drinks, followed by Rick's coffee and a bag full of cookies.

A special thanks to the Monmouth-Independence Chamber of Commerce for organizing this first Crawl. We certainly hope this is not the last.

Lyn Jobe


Fire crews receive

kudos for response

A very deep and heartfelt thank you to all of the Polk County fire units and neighbors that answered the alarm to the recent fire in our wheat field.

With your quick response, we lost only a few acres; with the wind blowing so hard, it could have been much worse.

We urge everyone to support our county's rural firefighters. Most of these people are local volunteers who drop everything when the fire alarm is sounded.

Thank you again to all who helped, including the state forestry department that came in the next day to do any mop up.

Don and Frances Brostrom


DHS XC showed

great attitudes

Applause, applause to the 16 members of the Dallas High School cross-country team and their coaches, Monique Lankheet, Betsy Seth and Julie Mullins, for their great behavior at our home at Triangle Lake.

The fall camp provided a scheduled atmosphere for the coming season. Difficult workouts over the hills and roads around the lake, programmed activities and a refreshing swim were just part of these three days. Working together the athletes displayed unity with emphasis on hard work, as well as time for fun and relaxation.

Compliments came from the owners of the lake store for an exhibition of courtesy from the participants. It's really great to observe athletes with positive attitudes.

Here's hoping the coming season brings many personal records and success.

Paul and Judee Ward


Wrestling program

appreciates help

We've put a lot of wear and tear on our wrestling mats at Dallas High School in the past two decades. The mat company finally said it would no longer patch them up.

Mid Columbia Bus, Dallas Mat Club and Dallas Booster Club pitched in with the help of Tim Larson, Alice Bibler and Shelli Miller (a slick finance team), and got the wrestling program a couple of nice new mats.

Thanks for the help.

Tony Olliff

DHS wrestling coach


Donations to dog

control unit valued

Dallas community members continue to generously support the city's dog control program.

For the past few years, Dallas residents Skip and Betty Lowrie have invited friends into their home to join in semiannual celebrations, most often during the summer and the Christmas season. The Lowries recommend those who attend to make some type of donation to the Dallas dog control program.

The moneys donated have gone exclusively into the dog program and most recently helped fund fence repairs to ensure safe and adequate containment, an outside shade system to help keep the dogs cooler during summer months and a new roof on our dog shelter.

Thanks once again to Betty and Skip and all of those who attend their events. We appreciate your support.

Tom Simpson

Dallas Police Department

Citizens need say

on code revisions

On Aug. 13, I attended the Dallas Planning Commission meeting. There were several speakers representing local businesses and residents commenting on the confusing sign code in Dallas.

Some of these speakers also suggested that the existing code has been unevenly applied. City staff stated that there was work in progress toward a revised sign code and that the process would include citizen and business participation. Then the audience was told that a draft version of a new sign code had been sent to the chamber of commerce for review by its members.

This seemed to bring confusion and doubt as to whether the citizenry would really be a part of the sign code discussion. The comments I heard from the audience indicated a missed opportunity for a collaborative approach to the scope and content of a revised sign code. There was confusion as to how and when citizens would be involved if there was already a draft version.

Maybe the city underestimated an area where passion and a variety of opinions exist about a topic that would have presented the perfect opportunity for community involvement. I hope not. An updated sign code is important for Dallas and needs to be in place as soon as possible. There needs to be a balanced approach with input from citizens, city planners and the business community.

I do not want to see business signs on residential properties, nor do I want to see off-premises signs all over our community. Recently, I was in suburban Clackamas County just outside of Oregon City and saw more than 10 homemade "temporary" signs on one corner advertising services, yard sales, and businesses. Not here, please.

Joe Koubek