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10/9 Letters to the Editor

*Politicians forget average citizens*Dairy Queen helped make event a hit*Democrats playing 'politial games'*Local school supply drive was a success*Levy would raise taxes too much*Al Jazeera network bad choice to air*Law enforcement deserves funding*No more money to give; vote 'no'*Musical program was a joy to hear*Handicapped spots for those in need*Restore service by voitng 'yes'

October 08, 2013

Politicians forget

average citizen

What has happened?

In a government of the people, by the people and for the people, the people have lost faith in their government and no longer believe what they are being told by their leaders.

Our elected representatives are fighting with each other regarding legislation that they are voting on -- and these votes are totally along strict party lines. We, the people, are regarded as insignificant to whatever has been determined to be in the best interests of each political party. And that is how votes are being cast that are determining the laws that we must abide by.

The entire wealth of the country has been compromised into overwhelming debt, and we are being told that this amount of debt must be constantly increased without being given any reasonable explanation as to why.

Laws and regulations have been passed by our government which cannot be understood or easily obeyed by the people, and penalties for not obeying these incomprehensible rules are so extreme that they appear to be in violation of our Constitution. Agents of regulatory groups have routinely violated the Bill of Rights of the people by demanding access to their private papers and invaded their property for inspections, all based on the theory that they have the legal authority to do these acts. These bullies, with their threats and intimidations, have caused us to fear our government.

We, the people, are no longer being listened to by the people who we have elected to represent us in the various branches of government. We are being tolerated and then totally ignored. We cannot even question some of the policy decisions that are being made that affect our daily existence.

What has happened? Why do the professional politicians hate us?

Richard C. Evans


Dairy Queen helped

make event a hit

I would like to thank the Monmouth Dairy Queen for its generous support of the Monmouth-Independence community and, specifically, for supporting our recent Gate Youth Association Tail"Gater" event before the Central-Scappoose football game.

Dairy Queen is just one example of the many businesses and organizations in our community that work in special partnerships and collaborations in meeting the needs of our community's youth.

I am thankful to live in such a community.

Joyce Wahl

Gate Youth Association


Democrats playing

'political games'

In a statement released by his office regarding the House bill preventing a government shutdown, Rep. Kurt Schrader accuses the Republicans of playing "political games." And, Rep. Schrader, Democrats are not?

By that very statement you are playing political games as the Democratic political machine usually does. Unless you are inside the Republican leadership you have no actual knowledge of what the motive for their actions truly are.

Instead, you arbitrarily assign a negative motive to their actions, broadcast it as truth and then castigate the party. If that isn't playing political games, I don't know what is.

As a conservative I can tell you my motive for supporting the bill enacting a one-year moratorium on Obamacare and raising the debt ceiling to prevent a partial government shutdown (and now I will arbitrarily assign a positive motive for Republicans) is because we firmly believe that Obamacare as passed will financially ruin our economy. And that has nothing to do with playing political games.

The future of our country is at stake.

Don Schellenberg


Local school supply

drive was a success

Community Action, Polk Community Development Corporation, Polk County Drug Court, Titus 3 and our other sponsors would like to thank the greater Dallas community and Dallas WalMart for their contributions to this year's Apple Tree Back-to-School project.

The project was a complete success, assisting 412 Dallas School District students. Due to the very generous support, every student that requested supplies was served.

Here's wishing all of our students a very successful school year.

Celina Davila

Polk Community Development Corporation


Levy would raise

taxes too much


For your information, in case you haven't heard it expressed this way, Polk County's new tax levy request is a 35 percent increase.

This destroys the intent of our tax limit measures, which already graciously allow for annual increases of 3 percent in tax revenues.

It's too much. We should vote "no."

Charles Krogman


Restore service

by voting 'yes'

Measure 27-109 is to allow for Polk County to return to a level of service that we all expect from our county public safety partners. This is not just a wish, but a need for Polk County to return to an acceptable level of staffing and services.

Continuing cuts and losses will seriously impact all of our lives.

If we the citizens of Polk County ask for and expect our public safety partners to live up to the professional standards that are expected of them, we must vote in favor of Measure 27-109.

Vote "yes."

Jay Carey


Law enforcement

deserves funding

A little over 13 years ago, we moved to Monmouth from the Portland metro area.

Public safety is a big reason to live in Polk County, and it is good to know that our local law enforcement agencies work well together to keep our communities as safe as possible.

As a member of the Citizen Review Board, I see the damage to families caused by addiction and other criminal activity. I believe intervention and prevention makes a difference.

Vote "yes" on the public safety measure to provide necessary funding for law enforcement and to make our county and communities safe.

Patty Taylor Dutcher


Al Jazeera network

bad choice to air

I am shocked and angered to see Al Jazeera America on our TV lineup in the little town of Monmouth.

MINET Fiber cable in Monmouth and Independence is now telecasting "AZAM" on Channel 137.

I wonder how long before they will be replaying the videos of an American being beheaded?

Ralph Bradford


Handicapped spots

for those in need

My wife and I are physically impaired. She has had a hip replacement and I have a very bad back that greatly restricts my walking ability.

We have been issued a handicapped parking card. Often there are no spaces in the handicapped parking.

I would venture to observe that fully half of the spots are filled with vehicles with no handicapped card or license shown. One business has moved its handicapped parking over to the edge of its parking lot.

With all due respect, please folks, if you are a hale and hardy person, leave the handicapped parking to us handicapped folk. OK?

Bruce A. McCallum

Falls City

No more money

to give; vote 'no'

The people who we elected told us they were the best for the job. Now they cry they cannot do their job without more money.

Well, I do not feel sorry for them with their five-figure salary, health plans and great retirement. No one should have to make personal financial cuts to make these politicians' lives easier.

It's time these politicians suck it up and be happy with what they have. I am tired of their whining. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Vote "no" on the county law enforcement levy.

Sandra Mayer


Musical program

was a joy to hear

Anyone who did not attend Saturday's concert at Dallas United Methodist Church missed out on a wonderful musical treat.

John Nastari (violin) and Marcia Hauff (piano) presented a nearly flawless rendition of classical music.

In introducing the all-too-short program, Nastari said that recent surveys have indicated that only 4 percent of Americans enjoy classical music. In his closing remarks, Roger Fletcher said, "After today's performance, it makes you feel sorry for the 96 percent who don't enjoy classical music."

Nastari joked that, "Growing up in Chicago during the Great Depression, I was probably the only Italian in town carrying a violin case that actually had a violin in it."

Although the concert was free, there was an opportunity to donate to "Hospice Care of the Northwest." A total of $671 was collected.

Congratulations are due to Dallas United Methodist Church for offering such a wonderful musical program. Thank you.

Paul Mannen


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