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10/16 Letters to the Editor

*Criminal justice cutbacks must end*Vote 'yes' for vital county functions*Local communities stand bahind vets*Levy would help restore service*Dallas City Council supports Polk levy*Seniors would be hit hard by tax levy*Show your support for all public safety*Levy money will go to public safety*Fire district needs support of measure*County measure is a responsible plan*Vote 'yes' to help assure fire service*Residents can't afford county levy

October 15, 2013

Criminal justice

cutbacks must end

As long-time residents of Polk County, my husband and I have watched our county officials reduce services and cut personnel trying to balance an ever-shrinking budget.

However, further cuts to Polk County's criminal justice system will be devastating.

This not only affects the county, but also impacts local law enforcement operations. The county's public safety levy is an absolute necessity. The sheriff's office and the district attorney's office cannot be effective without the proposed levy.

Safe, vibrant communities need a strong criminal justice system. We support Polk County Public Safety Measure 27-109 and hope others will, too.

Nancy Wells


Vote 'yes' for vital

county functions

The Oct. 2 issue of the Itemizer-Observer contains two articles concerning the public safety levy on the November ballot.

Commissioner Craig Pope and reporter Jolene Guzman did a superb job of detailing the history, the yearly county budget frustrations and the uncertainty with the federal government regarding future extensions or a permanent fix for the Secure Rural Schools Program.

Please read these articles to help with your decision before you cast your ballot.

Polk County has a history of providing excellent public safety services. Your "yes" vote will maintain this vital function of local government.

Tom Ritchey


Local communities

stand behind vets

On behalf of the Ladies Auxiliary to VFW Post 3203, I want to extend a hearty thank you to the Monmouth, Independence and Dallas communities for their recent support of the Post and Auxiliary.

You dodged the rain for our recent sale at the Dallas Foursquare Church. You responded to our Burgerville Partnership Night with enthusiasm and generosity. And to those who braved the storm for the veterans reception at the Elks Lodge on Sept. 28, you are amazing.

This is a wonderful community with a heart for helping veterans and it is appreciated.

Kathy Martin-Willis


Levy would help

restore services

Polk County's citizens have benefited from years of a law-and-order approach to public safety.

Now we need to support the sheriff's office, the DA's office, county corrections, juvenile court and the drug court that rehabilitates drug offenders, returning them to useful, productive lives and, more importantly, returns children to their rehabilitated parents.

The public safety levy is a small price to pay for keeping our residents and businesses safe and secure.

Remember, this is not an increase in staffing or spending. It only restores a small portion of the funding lost due to lack of timber harvest revenues.

Gene Henshaw


Dallas City Council

supports Polk levy

The Dallas City Council voted unanimously to lend its support to Polk County's Public Safety Operating Levy scheduled for the Nov. 5 ballot.

The council was highly favorable to the measure as being vital to maintaining the extraordinary sense of safety and security currently enjoyed in our community. This is not just about sheriff's patrols; it is about maintaining the integrity of our entire public safety system.

Our appreciation of well-being is very important to us and we trust that the voters of Dallas will endorse the merits of this levy by a strong vote of "yes" in November.

Brian Dalton, mayor


Seniors would be

hit hard by tax levy

Fixed income senior homeowners in Polk County will be the ones most impacted if the public safety tax levy passes.

In this economy with rising consumer prices, this tax increase on their homes will create unnecessary financial hardship for our senior citizens.

It is not the time to increase taxes on property again so soon after the recent Polk County road improvement bond. The potentially devastating impact on fixed income seniors and those on disability should be a major consideration before attempting to impose a tax increase.

Stephen Mannenbach


Show your support

for all public safety

Vote "yes" on Measure 27-109, the county public safety levy.

By voting "yes" you'll show support for every level of the public safety system. We expect the best from every public safety professional at every level. If we expect a high level of service we must give them the funding so they can do what we expect them to do.

This county is the best place to live and we deserve to have the entire system working as it should. We're in a position to show our support by voting "yes" for those professionals that we expect so much of.

Mark Garton


Levy money would

go to public safety

We've all heard the statement, "I don't mind paying a little more in taxes, if I could say where the money is going."

Measure 27-109 does that. This tax goes directly to public safety, nothing else.

It restores 24-hour patrol coverage and provides resources to the DA to prosecute criminals.

As a former Lane County deputy sheriff, I know what could happen should this measure fail. In 1981-82, a similar measure failed in Lane County. The sheriff was forced to shut down the entire patrol division, countywide.

Vote "yes" for public safety.

Rick Long


Fire district needs

support of measure

As Polk County firefighters, we are asking for your support of Measure 27-110.

The proposed five-year operating levy would assure the staffing level and equipment maintenance and updates needed to protect our community and adequately do our jobs.

We choose to work and volunteer for Polk County Fire District No. 1 because we truly care about our citizens and the safety of our community. In order to perform our jobs at the standard our citizens deserve, we need your "yes" vote on 27-110.

Ben Stange


County measure is

a responsible plan

As a Monmouth City Councilor, I know the value of Polk County's public safety services in supporting the work of our local public safety officials.

As a county citizen, I see the dire straits other Oregon counties face with the ongoing reductions in federal funding and search for a permanent solution.

The current levy request of Polk citizens is a last-ditch effort to avoid any more devastating cuts to our public services. I am wholly supportive of this responsible measure and ask that you join me in voting "yes" on the Polk County public service levy.

Cecelia Koontz


Vote 'yes' to help

assure fire services

Polk County Fire District No. 1 prioritizes our community with outstanding compassion, professionalism and service.

In addition to responding to emergency medical and fire calls, PCFD is committed to serving the community in a variety of other ways, including public education, business inspection and participation in multiple community events.

The men and women who serve our community as career and volunteer staff with PCFD are committed to providing the best possible service to our community.

Join us in voting "yes" on Measure 27-110 to assure that PCFD has the necessary resources to continue to serve the needs of our communities.

Neal and Stacy Olson


Residents can't

afford county levy

Public safety operating levy Measure 27-109 to be voted on next month certainly sounds desirable, but we cannot afford it.

Adding $120 in property tax on a $200,000 home over and above the annual 3 percent automatic increase is unnecessary. We haven't yet recovered from the recession during which the county continued to receive the 3 percent tax increase while homes were foreclosed, jobs lost and homes plunged in value.

What have you done with the increased revenue the last five years? We are being bled to death on rising property taxes.

Stop this insanity. Vote "no" on Measure 27-109.

Lorraine Anderson


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