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11/6 Letters to the Editor

*OHES's 'Harvest' Festival' a big hit*Fraternal group has to halt program *Family say thanks in search for pets

November 05, 2013

OHES’s ‘Harvest’

Festival’ a big hit

Oakdale Heights Elementary wants to say a heartfelt "thank you" to all of the parents and grandparents who volunteered this year at our school Harvest Festival and made it possible.

Special thanks to Dallas Super Market, American Family Video, Subway, Figaro's, Lime Berry, Ugo's Pizza and Starlite Lanes.

Without these donations and volunteers our Harvest Festival would not have been so amazingly successful.

Again, thank you so very much for your remarkable community support.

Laura May

Oakdale Heights PTC president


Fraternal group has

to halt program

Beginning in 1986, the Knights of Columbus from St. Philip Catholic Church in Dallas have funded 57 college scholarships for worthy youths of the area.

The funding source for these scholarships has been the collection and sale of used news print and magazines. This recyclable material has been dropped off by citizens of Polk County into nine collection bins. The Knights would then pick up the donations, bundle and store the paper until a trailer load was ready to be hauled. Several times a year a trailer load would be hauled to a recycle center. The most recent location was International Paper in Beaverton.

Recent changes in the Knights of Columbus Council and the economics of this project have forced it to terminate the program. All the collection boxes have been picked up. Citizens are encouraged to utilize their comingled recycle can or bring newspapers and magazines to the recycle center located on West Ellendale Avenue.

The Knights thank the people who have made this project a success in the past. They also intend to continue the scholarship program.

For more information, contact Reed Gould, Grand Knight, at 503-623-8606.

Reed Gould


Family says thanks

in search for pets

Thank you to everyone who assisted in locating our family dogs when they became lost the evening of Oct. 25.

An especially big thank you to Asa from Domino's Pizza who, while en route to a delivery, located our beloved bulldog Tank and provided care. Asa transported Tank home for us and carried him inside. His good samaritan nature and genuine care for animals is just awesome.

Tank is doing great, and we are so happy both our dogs are home safe and sound.

We would like to apologize to whoever did not get their pizza on time the night of Oct. 25, and hope you understand.

Kristin Thomas


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