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*Support of Dallas football appreciated*County will benefit from WVH donation*Falls City pit bull attack a concern*SABLE House is a worthy organization

December 10, 2013

Support of Dallas

football appreciated

On behalf of the Dallas High School football team and coaches, I would like to say thanks to the entire community of Dallas. Our season's experience has been more than memorable. It would be fair to say that Dallas is a unique place in the way they support their Dragons, and that support enriched and enhanced the experiences of a bunch of exceptional young men — young men who know and appreciate the fact that they live here.

I would like to thank the community, businesses who agreed to help us with our fundraising endeavors like Limeberry and Les Schwab, and all who became a part of the gold cards.

Our Quarterback Club is a fine group of men who are invested in their sons, and at times boys who aren't their sons, but here that doesn't seem to matter; everyone seems to be in when it comes to the boys of this community.

The police and fire departments gave us the time to have two great sendoffs; those things are felt by all. The Dallas School District administration also worked to make the experience special.

We hope to put out a team every year that is one that Dallas can be proud of. There is a tradition and standard to attain to and we are proud to have it.

Tracy Jackson, head coach

Dallas High School football

County will benefit

from WVH donation

I am writing to acknowledge and thank Bob Brannigan, chief administrative officer with West Valley Hospital, and the Salem Health Board of Trustees for an extremely generous gift that was bestowed on the citizens of Polk County recently.

Through an upgrade process that West Valley Hospital needed to make to its backup generator system, they found a desire to re-purpose the old generator that was being removed rather than sell it or trade it in. I was excited to be included in the conversations that were for consideration of a local need, and pleased to report that Polk County government has been the recipient of that very valuable contribution.

The 200kw generator will take its place in the Polk County lineup and serve as a power backup in emergency circumstances to facilities that would likely never see funding for that purpose.

On behalf of the Polk County Board of Commissioners and the citizens of Polk County, I wish to express our gratitude to West Valley Hospital for the contribution and the dedication to partnerships that make our communities desirable.

Craig Pope

Polk County Commissioner


Falls City pit bull

attack a concern

On Nov. 9, I was walking my dog on a leash when three pit bulls charged me and my dog. I received several bruises and cuts. The dog received a slash by his eye and a slashed chest from being drug around by the pit bulls. The owners stood in the door of their home and watched the attack.

My doctor visit was $15, with medication for stress and pain an additional $6.52. I am now afraid to leave the house. The veterinary bill for the initial attack was $198, which the owners of the pit bulls paid. The follow up veterinary visit was $15. My bill and the dog's follow-up visits were not paid by the pit bulls’ owners.

The Polk County dog enforcement officer said it was the first time the dogs attacked, and the dogs would not attack again. It is believed that if it had happened to the Polk County dog enforcement officer's family, he would have reacted differently.

There is a leash law in Falls City and yet the owners of the pit bulls did not get a fine or any type of a warning regarding their dogs' behavior. The Polk County dog enforcement officer said I cannot protect myself or my dog, even on my own property. If I shoot the pit bulls, I will go to jail. The neighbor across the street is concerned her little dog will be attacked by the pit bulls in her own yard.

This really irritates me that no one will do anything about the attack or possible future attacks. This occurred by the grade school. What happens if a child is walking by the dog and gets attacked?

Mary Kidd

Falls City

SABLE House is a

worthy organization

The Polk County Republican Women meet every second Wednesday of the month at Oak Knoll Golf Course Restaurant, 6355 Highway 22, for social time, lunch and informative speakers starting at 11:30 a.m. You are welcome to join PCRW each month. We would love to meet you.

Last month, we voted unanimously to give a $1,500 contribution to SABLE House after hearing a presentation from the director, Deborah Thompson. We were all impressed with the mission of SABLE House. The staff and many volunteers work to increase the safety of domestic and sexual violence victims in Polk County through crisis intervention and community education services.

Polk County Republican Women would like to challenge the community to include SABLE House when considering holiday gift giving.

If you'd like to contribute or for more information about SABLE House, check out its website at They have a wish list of items needed, or you can donate directly. A $12 donation provides a day and night of safe shelter for a victim of abuse.

We are proud as women living in Polk County to be able to help support this special organization that reaches out to women right here in our community.

Alison Thiessen, vice president

Polk County Republican Women


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