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January 21, 2014

Global warming ignorance? You bet

In the years since global warming became a part of the public discussion, I have tried to read as much as I can about it. I do not claim to understand the complexities of weather science, but I have concluded that there are a couple of truths about the theory.

First, the warming describes a gradual increase in the average ambient temperature of the Earth. Second, a symptom of this warming is increasingly wide swings in the Earth's weather. Droughts will be drier, rainstorms will be wetter, hot seasons will be hotter, and storms of all types will be more violent. There are a number of examples of these phenomenon to note: Superstorm Sandy in the Northeast, increasingly large forest fires in the West and massive snowstorms in the Midwest.

Having satisfied myself that these extreme weather events are a symptom of warming, imagine my incredulity at the news-talkers who step outside during an extremely severe winter storm and proclaim, "I guess this means global warming doesn't exist." Now, I can fully expect such ignorant comments from those who babble incessantly for one certain major network. But this ignorance-based conclusion came up on CNN, MSNBC and a number of other what-used-to-be news channels.

Am I the only person who has heard the phrase, "Increased episodes of extreme weather events?" How really stupid must a person be to look outdoors in January, see snowstorms, and conclude that a weather phenomenon that has been studied for decades and verified by 95 percent of weather scientists isn't really happening.

I must sadly conclude that people are becoming increasingly dumb and mighty proud of that fact, too.

Fred Brown


Senior dances a

welcome addition

Thank you to Cecil Maginn for starting the dance at the Dallas Senior Center on the second and fourth Fridays of the month from 6 to 8 p.m.

Cecil also drives the Dallas Senior Bus on the first and third Saturday nights to the Keizer/Salem Senior Center for dancing to a live band. The bus leaves at 6 p.m. It costs $5 to take the bus. To enter the center, it is an additional $4.

I lost my husband 29 years ago to cancer. We went dancing every Friday and Saturday night. I love to dance and missed it very much, so now I look forward to going dancing again.

Alice Down


BOC did right thing

to extend hearing

I would like to thank the Polk County Board of Commissioners for its decision to allow more public testimony in written form about vacating the Butler Hill Road right of way.

Craig Pope, Jennifer Wheeler and Mike Ainsworth served the public well by allowing further testimony.

Extending the public comment period for two weeks allows other Polk County residents to weigh in on this last remaining part of the Dallas to Ocean Pass road.

Built in 1853, a mere eight years after Polk County was broken off from Yamhill County, it served as the main route to the coast and Grand Ronde for the next 70 years, eventually being replaced by Highway 22. This little piece of the original highway, located off of Hart Road (take the Brown Road exit after the Salt Creek Store on Highway 22), is one of the little pieces of history not upgraded or paved over.

It is still in the condition it was left in in 1923, when it served as a temporary road for the Highway 22 relocation.

Most people driving to the coast whiz by. A few will enter Butler Hill Road returning from the coast when they select "least use of highways" on their GPS.

It would be a shame to vacate this right of way without hearing from the residents of the county, who it has served well for 160 years. Last day to submit testimony is Jan. 28. Address comments to: Polk County Board of Commissioners, 850 Main St., Dallas, OR 97338.

Again, thank you commissioners.

David Nees


Drivers: Slow down

on Academy Street

I live on Southeast Academy Street east of LaCreole Drive. Even if there is no speed sign, it is a residential street, which means it is 25 mph.

Please slow your speed on this street. I have clocked people going between 30 and 55 mph. We have elderly residents who walk across the street to get their mail, as well as kids who cross the street walking home from school.

I'm sure you wouldn't want people speeding on your street. Be a good neighbor and resident of our nice community in Dallas. Slow down to the legal speed limit of 25 mph.

Abby Irion


Senior residences

need accountability

After 30-plus years of being a geriatric social worker, I've begun looking for a suitable senior home for my wife. What I've discovered may well surprise the public.

• Activities: Most are passive, done seated, like cards, bingo, movies and other entertainment. This does not help muscle tone or circulation.

• Meals: Older folks are often given high-carb and high-salt items to choose from. Such dishes are rough on diabetics and those with heart disease. Few seniors can figure out food contents to avoid getting sicker.

Can we remedy this situation? Let's hope that Sen. Brian Boquist and Rep. Vicki Berger will bravely take the lead in making senior residences more responsible and accountable. The status quo encourages deterioration, which in turn leads to death.

B. Lee Coyne

West Salem

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