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Your input sought for Dallas 2030 project

Workshops scheduled Saturday

November 05, 2013

DALLAS — Dallas 2030 Project coordinators are asking for help from residents to further refine the Dallas community's long-term vision during two workshops Saturday.

Morning and afternoon workshops will be offered, featuring small-group activities on Dallas 2030's five major topics: economy, health and safety, community and identity, education, and growth and development.

Sessions will be held at the Dallas Civic Center, 945 SE Jefferson St. A pizza lunch and beverages will be provided. Community members are encouraged to join in all of the conversations, but are welcome to come to any session of their choice.

The Dallas 2030 Project began earlier this year and is identifying the community's preferred ''destination'' — a shared image of where Dallas would like to be in 2030.

"So much community input has gone into the development of this vision," said Doug Zenn, the project's team leader. "Saturday should be a fun and interactive way to fine tune what we have and start to look ahead to making the vision happen."

Morning sessions begin at 9:30 a.m. with conversations on economy, health and safety, and community and identity. At 11 a.m. a lunch presentation will provide an overview and update of the project.

Afternoon sessions, beginning at 12:15 p.m., include workshops on education, growth and development, and a second session on community and identity, as well as an update presentation.

More information on Dallas 2030 is available online at the project's website:

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