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Facebook bullying page is removed

Site targeted DHS students, staff

Justen Noll

Justen Noll

January 21, 2014

DALLAS — A group of Dallas High School students have won the battle to take down a Facebook page it says was used to bully others at the school.

DHS junior Justen Noll said he heard about the page over winter break and decided to see what it was about.

"When I checked it out, it was really bad," he said.

Noll told his friends about the page, and one in particular, Alicia Scherer, also a DHS student, decided to take a stand.

The page posted "memes" — photos of students and staff at the school with embarrassing and hurtful captions.

“Most of it was calling someone a derogatory name or making fun of them,” Noll said.

If that wasn't bad enough, Noll said some students "liked" or wrote comments agreeing with the posts.

"A lot of students were pretty appalled by it, but the problem was that some thought they were funny," he said Tuesday.

Noll said previous attempts to take the page down were only temporarily successful.

Once one version of it would go down, another would pop up. That had gone on for about a year, he said.

In this latest effort, Scherer became the group's spokeswoman, doing interviews with two Portland television news stations late last week. Noll said he worked more behind the scenes, helping raise awareness through a campaign against the anonymous posters. The incident also was reported to Dallas Police.

It worked. Friday night, the page was taken down once again.

With the amount of attention the fight to take it down has gotten in the last few weeks, Noll thinks it may be gone for good.

"We feel really good because no one else will have to face psychological harm anymore," he said.

He said Scherer has taken the anti-bullying cause even further, starting a school club called "Stand for the Silent."

Noll added that if someone decides to start the page again, the group will once again push to take it down.

"This proves that if it happen again, we will be ready to fight against it," Noll said.

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