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December 10, 2013

The Central School District bargaining team posted a letter to all teachers last week with details of its offer to the Central Education Association. It followed by posting that same letter on the home page of the district's website.

It may have been a happy coincidence that bad weather struck a few days later, sending many to the website to check for updates on whether or not school would be closed, likely increasing Web traffic and the number of people who would see the offer.

Association president Ben Gorman says it was a dirty tactic, cherry picking data to present the district's offer in the best light possible.

Superintendent Buzz Brazeau says it offers clarity and transparency in a small community where rumors and innuendos abound.

In response to the posting, the CEA's bargaining unit posted a response on a local blog, the Central Advocate.

Regardless of motive, we appreciate the district posting its offer to Central teachers, and finding the teachers' response online. Although some may find this a private affair — negotiating salaries and benefits — we disagree when it comes to taxpayer funded positions, teachers included.

The more we all know and understand about the situation, the easier it is to watch as two groups of adults, both with genuine concerns about our kids and with limited financial resources, battle it out over a contract.

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