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Letters Policy: Letters to the editor are limited to 300 words. Letters that are longer may be edited for space. Each letter writer is restricted to one letter every 30 days. Letters that are libelous, obscene or in bad taste will not be printed. Personal attacks on businesses or individuals will not be accepted. The editors reserve the right to edit letters and guest opinions for length, style and content. Letters will be printed as space is available. Letters must include the author's name, address and telephone number. This includes letters submitted through the paper's website. Names and cities of residence are published. Street addresses and telephone numbers are used for verification purposes only and are not published. The deadline for letters to the editor is 10 a.m. on the Monday before publication. Letters submitted earlier cannot be retracted after this deadline. Letters must be submitted from individuals, not organizations. Letters of thanks to businesses, individuals and organizations are limited to 10 names. Political endorsements are limited to 100 words. No more than one endorsement letter from the same author will be accepted during a single election. Political endorsements from letter writers outside of Polk County are not accepted. Candidates themselves are allowed one letter to the editor per election. Poetry is not accepted. Not all letters submitted are published. Editor's notes are placed at the end of letters only to address a direct misstatement of fact.

All material submitted to the newspaper, with the exception of paid advertisements, is subject to editing.


Editor, Polk County Itemizer-Observer, P.O. Box 108, Dallas, OR 97338.

FAX: 503-623-2395.

OFFICE: 147 S.E. Court St., Dallas


This form can also be printed and mailed to the Itemizer Observer, P.O. Box 108, Dallas, Oregon 97338.

It is the responsibility of the contributor to ensure that all information is correct - spellings, dates, etc. Expect a call from our office to verify this submission.

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