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DALLAS — The Dallas High School baseball team picked up a well-deserved 2-3 win against Corvallis on May 8 after suffering a 6-1 loss at the S…


The Tryoneers 4-H sewing project club is holding a “Sewing Olympics” this Saturday, May 18th… Read more


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Regardless of how you vote, remember ballots are due by 8 p.m. on Tuesday, May 21. It’s prob… Read more


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DALLAS — Bob Collins, the owner of the Blue Garden at 827 Main St. in downtown Dallas, likens the restaurant’s revival to the mythical rise of…

DALLAS – The Dallas Downtown Association and a building owner Marlene Cox received a $200,000 Main Street Revitalization Grant help build a bi…

DALLAS — Officials in Dallas School District introduced a budget with about $3.5 million more in the general fund and a full school year on Monday.

INDEPENDENCE — The Independence Grill and Bar started out as a 9-year-old’s dream.

DALLAS — Capital Auto West Valley on Jefferson Street in Dallas is closed as of Monday and moved to the company’s main campus off the Salem Parkway.