Results from Cross Creek Men’s Club for Tuesday, April 9, 2019

DALLAS — With rain sprinkling the courts to start off the match, the Dallas High School Dragons girls tennis team engaged in a Polk Rivalry te…



This week, let us pause for a moment and reflect on the planet we call home. Those who celeb… Read more


INDEPENDENCE — The Independence Grill and Bar started out as a 9-year-old’s dream.

DALLAS — Capital Auto West Valley on Jefferson Street in Dallas is closed as of Monday and moved to the company’s main campus off the Salem Parkway. 

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DALLAS — Mint Valley Paper is awaiting a decision on its Department of Environmental Quality air contaminant discharge permit.

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DALLAS — The Murphy’s Grill sign was taken down Monday, as the now-closed restaurant is in the process of transforming into the new office of …

MONMOUTH/INDEPENDENCE -- What better way to celebrate superlative services than with a super hero-themed banquet.

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DALLAS – Twenty-five years ago, Rachel Greco was between jobs and standing in an empty building.