Council selects its city manager

Ron Foggin

DALLAS -- Mayor Brian Dalton had a phone call to make Monday night. He seemed to relish the responsibility.

The call was to Ron Foggin, Dallas' new city manager.

Monday night, the Dallas City Council unanimously approved a contract with Foggin, the former assistant city manager of Lehi, Utah.

"Effective Jan. 2, we will have a new city manager," Dalton said, following the vote.

The council met briefly in executive session to discuss the hire before voting on the contract.

Council members seem pleased to hire Foggin.

"We've had a really good process for interviews, questions, for candidates, (and) involvement of the community in the whole process," said Councilor Jackie Lawson. "We were all unanimous on our choice, so I think it will be the best fit for our community. I think everyone will be pleased."

Four panels, including city staff, community members and the council, interviewed the three finalists Nov. 8 as part of the selection process.

Council President Wes Scroggin said it was Foggin's experience and budgeting skill that gave him the advantage.

"The city of Lehi experienced growth and he went through all that growth," Scroggin said. "He was all of our first choice. I think it's just the wealth of experience he had."

Foggin was Lehi's assistant city manager for 15 years and also served as the interim city manager for nearly a year.

Dalton called Foggin just minutes after the vote was taken to tell him his contact was approved.

"It's a great opportunity," Foggin said Tuesday. "The community is wonderful and close knit. ... It's a beautiful little town that looks and feels like home."

Foggin said his top priority once he takes the post is to simply get to know the community better.

"We can't do anything, at least not anything big, without trust," Foggin said. "I will work on building trust, learning the organization, understanding what has been happening and the direction the community wants to go.

"I will be doing a lot of listening," he added.

Foggin will be paid $125,000 annually.

The other finalists for the position were Molalla City Manager Ellen Barnes and former Crooked River Ranch community manager Aaron Palmquist.

In other business, the city council:

Unanimously approved a supplemental budget resolution to transfer $583,000 out of the city's general fund and placed in the city sewer systems development charge (SDC) fund. The transfer pays back an inappropriate expenditure of SDC funds discovered in October.

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