Court date set for shooting suspect


DALLAS -- The Dallas man who turned himself into police following a shooting incident that took place on Wednesday, Dec. 29, in Dallas will appear in court on Thursday, Jan. 6.

Anthony Uribes, 20, has been charged with first-degree assault, a class A felony, and unlawful use of a weapon, a class C felony.

Uribes was arraigned Dec. 30 in Polk County Circuit Court, where Judge Fred Avera assigned the case to Chris Lillegard Law Offices in Dallas. The case was continued to Jan. 6 at 1:15 p.m. Uribes did not enter a plea and Avera raised the bail amount from $115,000 to $350,000.

Police responded to a report of a shooting at 382 SW Levens St. at 11:30 p.m. on Dec. 29.

According to the probable cause affidavit from Dallas Police, Uribes and Dallas resident Derek Cummings, 23, who was injured in the incident, were in an argument when the shooting occurred. Police said Uribes and Cummings had been acquainted before the shooting.

The affidavit stated both Cummings and Uribes told police that the altercation was over a fight Cummings' friend had with Uribes' roommate. Cummings and his friend went to the apartment to confront Uribes' roommate about the fight.

Uribes stated to police that he told the pair when they arrived that he was the only one home and demanded they leave. Uribes told police he and Cummings were pushing each other before the shooting.

Cummings told police that he had just been asking questions about the previous fight when Uribes began to demand that he and his friend leave.

The affidavit said during the argument, Uribes picked up his roommate's rifle that he had loaded and placed in his living room to chase off anyone who came over to confront his roommate.

According to the affidavit, Uribes told investigators that the shooting was intentional. Cummings told police he didn't think Uribes would use the rifle, but scrambled out of the apartment after the shooting. Police said the gun was a small-caliber rifle.

Cummings suffered a gunshot wound to the right knee and femur and was taken to Salem Hospital for treatment.

Responding officers evacuated the other apartments in the complex, after receiving conflicting stories from witness as to whether Uribes remain in his apartment.

Police later learned that Uribes has fled to his parents' house, which is located in Dallas. His parents drove him to the Dallas Police Station, where his turned himself into officers early on Dec. 30.

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