It was a sunny morning for the trip to Pedee Memorial Evangelical Church on April 19. There was no snow to be seen on Bald Mountain.

There were two beautiful bouquets of spring flowers on the table in the church foyer beneath the cross on the north wall.

The bulletin board at Pedee Church has an informative display about the Holocaust for Holocaust Days of Remembrance, April 19-26, in remembrance of the murder of more than 6 million Jews and others during World War II.

It is important that we remember everyday, not just during this remembrance time, what happened in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s. If we forget, we risk allowing such atrocities to continue to happen. What we do -- or choose not to do -- matters.

Dan Hayes opened the worship service with prayer. Stacy Wiedenmann helped with the songs of praise.

Hayes asked Rev. Gary Healy to have the praise and prayer requests at sharing time. Rev. Healy closed with prayer.

Hayes had the giving of the tithes and offerings. The children went with Cinthia Jones. Hayes then turned the service over to Rev. Healy.

All stood as Healy read the scripture Mathew 9: 35-38 for his message, "All about Jesus." Jesus went from town to town. He taught and healed the sick and diseased. When he saw all the many people who needed help he told his followers the need truly is great but the workers are few. Healy closed his message with prayer.

All stayed seated as there was a Congregational meeting to elect trustees. Elected were Debbie Baldwin, Nathan Wiedenmann, Dave Burbank and Will Baldwin

The April 19 Sunday Church Bulletin noted: "Carolyn Hall is our new church secretary. Look for the new bulletin board and displays she is working on in the foyer. Thank you Carolyn for your creative ideas. We look forward to the updating she is doing in our church library."

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