POLK COUNTY -- Suspects in two separate cases that involve the same kind of crime -- namely, the theft of thousands of dollars from their own elderly flesh and blood -- will appear in Polk County Circuit Court next week.

Mary Louise McCloud, 41, of Moses Lake., Wash., has been charged with three counts of theft in the first degree, identity theft, aggravated theft and criminal mistreatment for stealing $19,600 from her 96-year-old grandmother.

Mary Louise McCloud

In June, NorthWest Senior and Disability Services contacted the Dallas Police Department regarding odd transactions showing up on the victim's bank account. McCloud had been living with her grandmother and was allegedly writing checks and making unauthorized debit card purchases, according to court records.

A relative claimed that McCloud had been stealing from the victim for years. A further investigation showed that McCloud racked up nearly $8,000 in charges on a credit card belonging to the victim.

And between January 2011 and last month, McCloud also used checks to pay for a new Mary Kay business and to pay bills for a man she would eventually marry and move in with in Washington, records showed.

McCloud was arrested July 20, with a pretrial conference scheduled Tuesday -- the same day as Lindsey Jay Harms, 56, of Dallas.

Lindsey Jay Harms

A Polk County grand jury issued a secret indictment of Harms on July 18 for aggravated theft and criminal mistreatment for stealing more than $10,000 from his elderly parents. Harms was their caregiver and charged with their finances, according to court records.

Harms was taken into custody on July 20, less than a month after he had pleaded no contest to criminal mistreatment I for stealing from his sister.

A representative of NorthWest Senior and Disability Services contacted Dallas Police about Harms using the woman's money on personal expenses in that case.

The victim has the mental capacity of a 10-year-old and was reliant on Harms to organize her finances, according to a probable cause statement.

Documentation from the bank showed that Harms had written $1,250 to his own photography business, Creation Works, and charged photographic equipment, golf outings, concert tickets and other items to the victim's account.

For that crime, he received three years probation and was ordered to pay almost $6,000 in restitution.

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