Mill creek fire

Firefighters were monitoring a fire at Mill Creek Park in Polk County. The fire did not threatening homes or structures. 

POLK COUNTY -- Sheridan, SW Polk or West Valley Fire Districts are currently monitoring one fire near Mill Creek Park on Mill Creek Road in Polk County.

This is the only fire in Polk or Yamhill County as of 10:30 a.m. and it is not currently threatening homes or other structures. 

The majority of smoke that is in our area is from fires in the surrounding areas.

The agencies have sent an engine and personnel to Lincoln City to provide assistance to mutual aid partners, North Lincoln Fire and Rescue.

"The engine, personnel, and our deputy chief that were deployed as part of a conflagration response out of Yamhill and Polk County to the Rainbow Fire and remain on that fire," read a news release from the fire district. "There are several fires in the surrounding counties that we are watching closely as they get closer to the county lines."

Fire officials encourage people to stay indoors with windows closed due to poor air quality. 

"This is especially important for young children, elderly persons, or those with respiratory conditions," the release said. "We also encourage anyone with livestock or pets to secure them inside, due to the wind and air quality."

Southwest Polk, Sheridan and West Valley will post updates on fires on their Facebook pages. 

"Please be alert for tree limbs and powerlines down across roadways as well as low visibility due to smoke," the release said. "Lastly, if you see active flames or sparks, please call 911."

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