Mini-marathon takes off in downtown Monmouth

Kacey McAllister leads the way during the Fourth of July Monmouth-Independence 2.62 mini-marathon

July Fourth, over 400 individuals finished the Monmouth-Independence mini-marathon, a 2.62 mile race. The top 10 finishers for men and women are listed below. You can find the rest of the results online.



Kacey McCallister, 31, 10:49.1


First place:

Dustin Nading, 21, 13:00.7

Second place: Justin Crosswhite, 20, 13:01.1

Third place: Parker Marson, 22, 13:10.2

Fourth place: Johnathon Brown, 17, 13:56.0

Fifth place: Orion Davidson, 39, 13:58.2

Sixth place: Ramon Martinez, 32, 14:10.6

Seventh place: Gavin Grass, 16, 14:16.4

Eighth place: Jaime Cantu, 19, 14:23.5

Ninth place: Jaydon Aydelotte, 17, 14:32.0

10th place: David Delmore, 33, 14:46.0


First place: Kate Mann, 28, 15:56.1

Second place: Amy Castle, 23, 16.28.6

Third place: Jennie Castle, 34, 16:37.1

Fourth place: Kaylee O’Sullivan, 17, 17:24.8

Fifth place: Claudia Hernandez, 28, 17:35.9

Sixth place: Faith Sanchez, 14, 18:37.2

Seventh place: Faerynn Glassock, 19, 18:48.3

Eighth place: Lisa Trimble-Scheiman, 40, 18:51.4

Ninth place: Erica Manzo, 35, 18:54.2

10th place: Emily Vala-Haynes, 36, 19:06.1

For the rest of the results, visit:

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