So what are you doing at home? Pedee neighbors are somewhat used to being isolated, but this could get old! Many, though, are getting creative.

Trina Brotherton is cooking — recipes that take longer for once.  And she’s painting, including doing that with her kids, Kalina and Kindan.  She always thought if she were at home all day the house would get cleaner - nope! Apparently they are home more so mess up things more.

Lilah Traglia turned 9 two weeks ago and since she couldn’t have a party they had a photo scavenger hunt  so she could see her friends and to give families a fun activity they could do in their homes. Friends took pictures of items around their homes for Lilah and her siblings to find. The Traglias moved to downtown Pedee at that time, which made it hard to do much other than that.

Andy and Miranda Rommel are working on a reading project for his Falls City students. He is their librarian and is reading books aloud on You Tube, along with their corgi and other animals from their farm.

Portia Perkins walks her dogs a lot and is working to get supplies for face masks.

One friend is deep cleaning one area of her house every day (not me), and several are catching up on house repairs. Joe and Judy Guida are doing that, as well as horseback riding. Diane Telfer and I have been catching up on quilting projects, as well as walking. No danger of running out of fabric yet, though.

Daniel and Heidi Russell and family are getting their garden ready. They have it tilled, and are going to sprout some seeds inside before transplanting them outside. Allana, Alex and Abby Russell’s 4-H pigs arrived on Friday, which will keep them occupied. The kids also planted flower seeds with Bobbie Muncrief last week. And my grandson Brennan Burbank and his wife Callie have been watching movies and playing cards with their kids, Annabelle, Jake, and Zach. My bet is that many kids will look back at this pandemic and treasure the time they had with their parents.

One cool thing for you to know is that Kings Valley has  organized the Greater Kings Valletta Community Outreach to support Kings Valley and Pedee if anything is needed during the shutdown. They can pick up groceries and urgent supplies, and make daily check-in calls. If you need anything, contact Jennie Wilder at 541-929-4246 or jwilder@kvschool.

My last column was instantly obsolete, saying that Pedee Church would continuing meeting — and they are! By Zoom, which is working well. Contact me if you want to join in. Zoom works really well for that. The Pedee Church youth are TPing and egging their neighbors. Instead of cookies and such, they drop off toilet paper and eggs to let people know they God cares for them.

What are you doing that’s interesting, creative, and/or fun? Let me know! Arlene Kovash,

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