The kids in the Tryoneers 4-H Club have been gearing up for the county fair by planning their animal and other projects. Alex, Allana, and Abby Russell; Jenae and Kailey Traglia; and Topaz Wilcut are increasing their sewing skills by making flannel pajamas for the fair.

Audrey Cameron spent the weekend with son James’ family in Ridgefield, Washington. The whole family was able to hear James play French horn with Vancouver Symphony on Saturday afternoon. Audrey had fun doing lots of cooking for the four grandkids. She was out walking the dog and borrowed an egg from the neighbors across the street. They had used up all the eggs with a huge breakfast and hadn’t gone to the store yet and she wanted to make cookies. “I am a country lady,” she told the neighbors, “and we always borrow back and forth.”

Last week, I attended a “Stop the Bleed” training, a national program and sponsored here by Polk County Farm Bureau and Polk County Women for Agriculture. I’m mentioning it again, because I think it’s a training everyone should take. I would have never had the nerve to “pack a wound” or put a tourniquet on tight or long enough without this coaching, but it could easily save a life. Pedee Church will be offering this class again in the next few months, so watch for it.

Here’s an interesting current “fad” — kids (and others?), including the Pedee Youth Group, paint rocks and leave them around Dallas for others to find, either to keep or move to another location. The kids here are including encouraging scripture on theirs for finders to look up. How fun is that?

The community was sad to hear Aaron Burbank’s younger brother Lew died recently, of cancer. He and his wife Sue lived in Dallas. His funeral was here in Pedee, officiated by family friend Roger Clark and cousin Scott Dyer officiated at Lew Burbank’s funeral.

Daniel Russell found a GMC key fob along Kings Valley Hwy in Pedee a few weeks ago. Is it yours?

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