The children of Pedee Church led the service on Feb. 6. The theme was “God is Great,” and the service well done. At least 15 kids participated, including Jacob North, who led the singing, and the multi-talented Jenae Traglia, who with Tony Rodriquez (not a kid) presented a skit as the message. The littlest ones sang a song, and quite well, too.

Doug and Trina Burbank are the proud grandparents of Colt Joseph Weigart, born on Feb. 1 to their daughter Haley and her husband Charles Weigart. Haley and Charles live in Dallas. Trina and Doug live on the Burbank family farm in Pedee. Colt joins a host of Burbank relatives, since they are one of the oldest families in Pedee.

Audrey Cameron’s daughter-in-law Xiao Hong Lui drove down from Astoria and spent Chinese New Year with her in Pedee. They woke up Tuesday morning to a “Winter Wonderland,” as the farm and surrounding forests were blanketed with snow. Xiao Hong helped with the farm chores and fixed up two chicken pens in the backyard. She drove back home when the snow melted.

When Eric and Rebekah Schwanke were in Dukana, Northern Kenya, last fall, the region was in the midst of a severe famine where many of the local people are starving. Eric and Rebekah started a feeding program with a local missionary, which operates daily. With a breakfast of cornmeal mush (which is a staple in their diet) they provide a daily reading of the Bible, as opposed to a Muslim program at a mosque nearby, which requires conversion to Islam to receive food. The program started modestly, but because of the severity of the famine there has been a large increase of people coming, which is costing the Schwankes $100-plus a week, and which they are straining to come up with. Please consider contributing to this critical program. Make checks out to Pedee Memorial Church and send to: Schwanke Mission, P.O. Box 381, Monmouth, OR 97361. This is a tax deductible contribution and 100 percent of all funds will go to the feeding program.

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