I’ve always said that I see the first daffodil on my birthday, but that was Monday and I haven’t seen one yet. Hope they show up soon!

Kevin and Karen Porter went to the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California, earlier this month. They spent two days at the expo, and saw maybe half of it. Karen says it’s mind-numbingly huge. Lots and lots of really interesting products and services for every crop and product you could imagine. It was a good trip, and they were mostly lucky with the weather.

Pete and LaVerne Bennett’s little great-granddaughter Evangeline Lynn (Evie) was born in December to parents Jon and Amanda Wilson, but wasn’t supposed to be born until March, and so weighed only 13 ounces at birth — picture that! She now weighs over 4 pounds and is doing wonderfully well so soon will be going home. Jon and Amanda are in the service in Germany, so Pete and LaVerne haven’t seen her yet, but Amanda updates them every Sunday via the computer. She is a true miracle!

We’re beginning to see new calves in the neighborhood. Jerry Mentzer has a couple, Dave and Suzanne Burbank have three little heifers, and we had our first on Sunday. Others are showing up, too — a rather tense time, until we see if they’re all up and running.

Pedee Church is moving forward with plans for the 60th anniversary of the present church building. They are still looking for pictures of this event and of other historical pictures taken through the years. Wonderful displays are being made with the pictures they have so far. The celebration date is Sunday, March 10, starting with the 10 a.m. service, which will include past pastors speaking and a potluck afterward. It will also include the opening of the time capsule placed in the corner of the church in 1959, when it was built.

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