On Sunday, May 25, LaVerne Bennett and I recognized one of our Pedee Church Vietnam vets, Richard Davis, with a quilt made by the Pedee Women’s Club. We were privileged to honor his service to our country on Memorial Day weekend, and he was happy that we appreciated his sacrifice. It’s a hard thing, being a Vietnam vet.

Camp of the Risen Son for children is coming up in June, and several kids from Pedee Church are planning to go. Please contact Heather Traglia at Pedee Church if you’d like your child to go. Also, again in place of Vacation Bible School, different families will be hosting a weekly activity for all ages of kids. The first “Weekly Wrangler” event will be an overnight camp out at Daniel and Heidi Russell’s from 3 p.m. on July 5 till 10 a.m. on July 6. All kids are invited.

Audrey Cameron enjoyed a a trip to Astoria to celebrate Mother’s Day with her son Chris before he left for the fishing season in Bristol Bay. Chris was flying to New York to meet up with daughter Natasha who was finishing her Freshman year at Bard College. He was then home for a day and then flew off to Bristol Bay.  While they were in Astoria, Audrey and Chris had fun visiting some of the local “hangouts” where they met a number of “old timers” including two relatives. Things are changing rapidly in Astoria, but Audrey was delighted to see one of the ferries she worked on to put herself through college tied up at the Old “Cold Storage” Building which is now a coffee shop.

Paul and Diane Telfer visited Colorado to hike in the Rocky Mountains before driving to Denton, Texas, to visit Paul’s mother’s sister, who was having health problems. His mother, Martha Telfer, met them there. The thunder and lightening storms in Texas gave cause for concern when the resulting hail was the size of grapefruit! On the way home, they visited Arches National Park in Utah, and Dinosaur National Monument on the border of Utah and Colorado, where there are actual dinosaur bones embedded in the rocks. Altogether the trip was longer than expected, but good.

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