This year 11 students graduated from Pedee School: Jonathan Berumen, Olivia Carsey, Jocelyn Castillo, Camron Devine, Hannah Evenson, Cooper Fast, Kimberli Gregory, Ellie Harwell, John La’Gere III, Lydia Phillips, and Brady Polk. Kimberli, Hannah, and Jonathan all received honor roll medals for their 3.50 to 4.00 grades, and Lydia, Ellie, and Jocelyn received medals for their 3.00 to 3.49 grades.

Several of the students received special awards for their outstanding classwork. The science award went to Jocelyn Castillo, math to Brady Polk, PE to Cooper Fast, writing to Lydia Phillips, art to Nixie “Marco” Martinez, social studies to Jonathan Berumen and Hannah Evenson, and the Academic All-Star is Kimberli Gregory. Nice work!

The Third Trimester Honor Roll among all students included Karalee Beitel, Adriana Paz-Cavett, and Kimberli Gregory with a 4.00 grade-point average; Nathan Mitchell and Hannah Evenson with 3.99 - 3.75 GPAs; and Sinae Fast, Olivia-Jane Sherman, Callie Sparre, Lily Williams, Andy Berumen, Nathan Hibbard, and Johnathan Berumen with 3.50 - 3.74 GPAs.

It has been a good year, and the staff looks forward to seeing everyone in the fall.

Last week, I went with daughters Suzanne Burbank and Lorraine Odell to Philadelphia for two days, then on to Washington, D.C., for four more. I didn’t realize I wanted to go to Philadelphia, but it was a wonderful experience to see where America came into being. A highlight was visiting Christ Church, founded in 1695, and where Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Ben Franklin attended. While we were there, a tour group from a church choir went in and just started singing — so beautiful! The only people in the audience were those who happened to stop by at that time. This Episcopal church has been active since that 1695 beginning. In D.C., Suzanne and I attended meetings with American Agri-Women and visited our congressional delegates, while Lorraine took in the museums and monuments.

On Thursday, Dr. Mathia and Mariamma Mathia will be speaking at Pedee Church. There will be a potluck at 5 p.m., and they will speak at 6. All welcome to either the potluck or to hear the speakers, or to both.

Hey, I won my first election. Eight people wrote my name in for the Pedee Cemetery Board. Thanks for the support!

Send news to me, Arlene Kovash, at I want to have more people included and would love to hear from you.

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