The Pedee Church’s woodcutting crew cut their last wood for the season on Saturday. Usually it is too dry during the summer, so they’ll wait till fall to continue. They may have other projects to do instead, though. They used to call it the men’s woodcutting crew, but really, men, women, and kids of all ages participate at this point.

Nic Heller recently received a great honor, the national Star of Life Award, given by the American Ambulance Association. In his company there was one EMT (Nic) and one paramedic who were nominated for their special embodiment of what EMS (Emergency Medical Services) stands for. They will be flying to Washington, D.C., in June to receive the award and then the winners will go to Capitol Hill to talk with their congressional representatives about EMS and thank them for their support. His wife Cassandra will be with him. It’s a big accomplishment, as only eight people will be going from Oregon.

Allana Russell, daughter of Daniel and Heidi Russell, graduated from the eighth grade, and her cousin and Daniel’s niece, Olivia Farnsworth, graduated from high school last Thursday night from the Silvies Online Charter School in a ceremony in Burns. Allana was beautiful and confident on her walk with two other students. Olivia graduated with 11 others and had graduated with 53 college credits already complete.

Allana and Olivia, as well as their brothers and sisters, are home-schooled through the Silvies River Charter School system based in Burns, as are other families in Pedee. Public school/home-school arrangements are growing in popularity. The many outside educational and social activities available for a well-rounded experience for home-schooled kids far surpass the old stay-at-home-and-study-by-yourself earlier model.

Pedee School’s eighth-grade promotion will be on June 12 at 6 p.m. Eleven students will be graduating.

Marge Robertson finally made it home from her winter in Brenda, Arizona, where she has an RV and many, many friends. As usual, her favorite activity was going to the jams her park has regularly. I’ve never met a person who knows so many fun songs by heart like she does, unless it’s Juandeane Skidmore. And they can sing them, too!

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