In spite of what the calendar says, summer is mostly gone and kids are back in school. Some of the Pedee crowd did do some interesting things before school started.

Shawn and Trina Brotherton backpacked five miles into Mowich Lake and spent four days hiking, fishing, and bug/toad catching. They were impressed by how much they could all pack in without trouble — 9-year-old Kindan packed in 19 lbs, 12-year-old Kalina 30 lbs, Mom 50, Dad 65. The dogs were required to pack in their own food. There was great fishing up there and wonderful blueberries and huckleberries. The Brothertons also camped at Quartzville Creek the next weekend, which was Shawn’s childhood camping place. The family especially liked the fishing and water fun there. The kids did decide that roasted grasshoppers are NOT delicious.

Paul and Diane Telfer spent four days hiking 50 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail from Elk Lake to the Santiam Pass. They walked up to 15 miles a day, including 3-1/2 miles through a lava bed, which resulted in some pretty sore feet. Not fun. On the other hand, the views of the Three Sisters up close, the wildflowers, and the night sky were worth it all. They thought a 25-pound pack was plenty. Both Paul and Diane volunteer with the Red Cross so are on standby to help with hurricane relief.

Tony and Debbie Rodrigues had a major problem with their ceiling heat bringing down the dry wall a few months back, so had to do some major renovation on their house. They are relieved to be back home now, thanks to help from at least two dozen fellow Pedee Church members, who helped along the way, including moving their stuff back into their home last week. That was a tough way to spend the summer!

A friend of a friend donated her huge fabric stash to the Pedee Women’s Club, so the women are busy organizing for a fabric sale, after selecting much of it for their own projects. The sale will be in October, so watch my column for the date. My chief long arm quilter, Heidi Rodli, is also organizing a “destashing” sale for Oct. 18, in Dallas, so that should be good, too. The women participating will each have tables to sell their own excess fabric and quilting supplies.

Billie and Heather Traglia’s daughter Jenae is on the Dallas All Stars softball team, which is the team to beat. Last Saturday they played two games in Newberg and won both. Jenae will be starting fall ball soon.

Several Pedee families are starting a home-school co-op on Sept. 26 and will meet on Thursdays from 9 a.m. to noon. If you are local and would like to get involved, contact Heather Traglia or Heidi Russell.

Pedee Church’s next music workshop will be Sunday afternoon, Sept. 29. This workshop will introduce tools for improving intonation and vocal range. You will also be trained in singing harmonies as well as singing with other people. Email to say you’ll be with us. I’m just hoping they can teach me how to sing on key. Think that’s possible?

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