Judy had spent part of the week before at Eagle Crest with grandchildren AJ and Tristan Guida from Houston, Texas, who also got to ride horses and play in the ocean for the first time. Judy said AJ was a natural on a horse.

Hey, kids (and your parents), come join Arthur, Penny, and Desmond Coe for an evening of fun at Adair Village Park at 5:30 p.m. on Aug. 1. This is a fun park with baseball fields, barbecues, and a playground.

Several women went to Judy Guida’s condo at Eagle Crest this last week on their annual quilting/sewing/ scrapbooking/hiking retreat the week before the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. Dave Burbank dropped Suzanne off there on the way home from camping with Derek and his wife Ashley and her family near Halfway, Oregon. Kathy Alexander and Jan McKirdie were there from Corvallis, Donna Wernz from Philomath, Lorraine Kovash Odell from Salem, Ann Hunter-Anderson from up the road, and Judy and myself from Pedee. It was lots of fun watching the golfers contend with the deer on the golf course.

Steve and Audrey Cameron have had lots of company this summer. Son Bob drove out from New York a month ago then his family flew in on the 4th of July. They celebrated birthdays on the next Sunday; it was granddaughter Maima’s 18th birthday and granddaughter Natasha, who visited from Astoria, has a birthday in August. Her Grandpa Cameron is making her a beautiful oak bookcase for her room since she came home from boarding school in San Francisco with a pile of books. Stephanie and Steve Barth and Ana spent the day, too, and everyone enjoyed looking at Grandma’s boxes of family pictures.

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