The Tryoneers 4-H sewing project club is holding a “Sewing Olympics” this Saturday, May 18th, at Pedee Church. Activities will include both skill-testing and just plain fun events, with prizes for all and an ice cream social afterward. An extra prize will be given to kids who bring their sewing boxes (which could be anything they keep their sewing supplies in). If you’re haven’t been sewing with the group but think this sounds fun, come along!

Seventeen men and boys from Pedee Church and beyond drove to Christmas Valley for their annual “rat camp” retreat the weekend before last, where they normally help a local rancher control his sage rat population. They must have done a good job last year as there were few rats to get, so several of the guys went fishing instead — and did well. Tony Rodriguez and Eric Schwanke both presented messages during the event and they all also had dinner at the Cowboy Dinner Tree in Silver Lake, famous for their huge steak or whole chicken dinners.

Last Wednesday the Pedee Women’s Club celebrated Alberta Jones’s 90th birthday with a birthday cake and gifts. Several friends and relatives came just for the occasion, including Sandy and Kimber Quiring who live in Dallas and old friends Ron and Joyce Murphy of Dundee. Alberta’s actual birthday was the 11th.

On Thursday students at the Pedee campus of the Luckiamute Valley Charter School hosted a tea for parents and friends in the community. The event was so popular that tables were set up in the gym for the almost 100 students and guests. Dean of Students Daniel Shimek said teachers help the kids during the year with etiquette and manners, including such things as proper dress and how to tie a tie, so this gives them an opportunity to practice their skills. They served tea and scones with all the trimmings — jam, lemon curd, and clotted cream — on beautifully set tables.

The youth group at Pedee Church presented a video for Mother’s Day on Sunday, showing the kids saying Happy Mother’s Day to the congregation and telling why they think their mothers are special. Jenae Traglia produced the video and the rest of the youth interviewed the kids. After the service May birthdays were celebrated with a beautiful cake made and decorated by Carolyn Bedwell, plus goodies brought by others.

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