Erica and Rebekah Schwanke visited her parents, brother and friends near Bozeman, Montana, for Christmas and her parent’s 30th anniversary. They spoke in the Absarokee foursquare church about their African adventures, then spent Christmas day hiking at Missouri Headwaters State Park, where three rivers come together to make the Missouri River.

Audrey Cameron, daughter Stephanie Barth, and granddaughter Anastasia drove to Astoria on Christmas Eve to visit with relatives. She spent several days in Astoria visiting with sister Georgia while Stephanie and Ana came home to celebrate Christmas with their family on Guthrie Road. While they were gone their neighbor, Linda Smith, who was doing Audrey’s farm chores, discovered that five of Audrey’s sheep had been killed by predators. Neighbors are helping track down what happened because the county trapper is not working because of the government shut down.

Lisa Bennett, daughter of Pete and LaVerne Bennett, flew to Germany to spend Christmas with her niece, Amanda and Jon Wilson and new great niece, Evie. Evie was born early and is still in the hospital. Lisa had a long layover in Washington D.C. so she had a chance to visit with nephew Max and Laura Bennett who live there, and sister-in-law Beth Bennett who flew up from Florida for Christmas. Amanda and Jon are in the Air Force.

Shawn and Trina Brotherton’s kids, Kalina and Kendan, spent several days with with family in Sisters, then Shawn and Trina joined them on Saturday the 22nd for a Christmas celebration. They had a white (early) Christmas as it snowed all that day. On the way home on Sunday they stopped and went sledding, built a snowman, and built a snow barricade for snowball fights. The kids had a blast.

Christmas Eve’s candlelight service at Pedee Church was beautiful. The evening began with the children’s Christmas play, which was cleverly written by youth pastor Heather Traglia and showed one of the kids (Alex Russell) tumbling to what Christmas was all about during a “rehearsal.” Members of the cast were Leo and Annika Mellein, Alex and his sisters Allana, Aliyah and Abigail.

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