Can you believe Christmas will be here next week? I tried to buy a tree last week, but they are hard to find this year, for sure at a price someone could afford. After searching Dallas and Monmouth, I remembered that Judy Guida was leaving today and would be gone through Christmas, so I asked her if she was going to take down her tree before she left, and she offered it to me! (I wasn’t hinting or anything.) Now I have a beautiful secondhand tree. Judy is gone a lot, with grandchildren and friend Joe Guida living in Houston, so she is lucky to have Liz Edwards there anytime she isn’t.

Pedee Church members and friends got together on Dec. 8 to make cookies and candies for the youth to take to people in the community. Thirteen women participated and decorated more than 300 sugar cookies, plus made other types of cookies and chocolate-covered cherries, fudge, and peanut brittle to put in the boxes.

Last Friday acoustical guitarist Ron Diller gave a concert at the church, playing Christmas songs. I usually don’t like to go places where I have to sit and listen to music instead of listening to music while I work, but this man’s playing is outstanding and well worth going to hear. Ron lives in Silverton and gives concerts at churches throughout the area and beyond.

Pedee Church will again celebrate Christmas with a candlelight service at 7 on Christmas Eve, beginning with the children’s Christmas program. The kids have worked hard and promise a good program. Last year there were over 100 people at this beautiful service.

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