The Pedee Women’s Club has been meeting again, on the first and third Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., or so. They have plenty of room to keep our distance, plus they generally have fewer than 10 at this point.

The group is having a final garage sale on Saturday, Nov. 14, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., to sell more of their stuff. They did well last time, but still would like to sell much of the rest. Since it is the traditional date of their annual holiday fair, they are also going to include selling whole homemade pies to be taken home to eat. Not sure how many they can get made, but there should be a selection, so come early!

The community is getting back to normal, with social distancing as much as possible. The home schooling coop is again meeting once a week at the church. They are studying medieval history and are building models (some very small and some large) of various medieval weapons. They have been working on building their own English long bows, battering rams, and Ballistas, which are giant crossbows. They are building models of castles from various points in history and learning about the Plague that killed millions of people across Europe.

Joe and Judy Guida spent part of last week getting their home in Eagle Crest ready for people who are staying for the next nine weeks. They drove back on Hwy 22 and saw poor Detroit. They have one grocery store left. It was sad to see various landmarks gone.

Paul and Diane Telfer spent part of their summer working with Red Cross to assess fire damage in both California and the Springfield area. They were glad to get back to their own lives, processing vegetables from their garden, visiting family, and hiking around the area.

Pedee Church received two new couples as members into their congregation this last week. They are trying to decide how soon they can resume regular activities, like a progressive dinner on New Years Eve, but are concerned about how safe it would be with COVID-19 still hanging over their heads. At this point they are planning to have Ron Diller and his acoustical guitar in concert on Dec. 19.

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