Pedee Homeschool COOP students will be presenting their first short play and open house on Nov. 23 at 5 p.m. at the church. Students have been learning about Native American culture through reading and hands-on activities.

Audrey Cameron and her family had a delightful weekend celebrating son James’ wedding to Libby Simmons on October 25th at The Gathering Place in Ridgefield, Washington. Clayton and Jenny drove up from Weaverville, California, and with son Noah, spent five days helping his Mom around the farm. They drove up to the wedding along with daughter Stephanie Barth and granddaughter Anastasia. It was a great family get together, with two of Audrey’s sisters and their families coming from Astoria and Port Orchard. Other family members from Vancouver and Olympia, Washington, also joined the celebration. James teaches music at LaCenter, Washington, schools and Libby is a counselor for the Vancouver School District.

Daniel and Heidi Russell’s son Alex requested a “lock-in” (so-called because doors are locked so the kids don’t run all over the neighborhood) for his Oct. 25th birthday and so 12 friends and neighbors plus several parents joined him for the weekend at Pedee Church for games and movies and lots of laughter. Their favorite activity was the human piñata — one person (an adult?) glues candy all over an old shirt and the kids chase the person to take the goodies off, presumably the first person to catch him or her gets first choice, etc. Alex turned 13 and was excited to get tools so he can do more shop projects.

Pete and LaVerne Bennett also had a wonderful weekend when their son Michael and wife Beth came from Florida on Friday to surprise Pete for his birthday. Saturday evening was a catered barbecue in Newberg with all the children, daughters-in-law, and most of the grandchildren and one great-grandson. Also, Pete’s sister and brother-in-law from Albany and LaVerne’s sister from. Rooked River were there.

Six former Pedee Bible study members got together for their somewhat irregular annual reunion at Deanne Maddux’s home in Monmouth on Monday, Nov. 4. Donna Baldwin, Audrey Cameron, Joan Kaiser, Carolyn Frey, and I came for this doughnut-eating event hosted by Deanne’s granddaughter Janet. Deanne had broken her leg recently so Janet and her husband are now living with her, and are a huge help.

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