June Clark took her last long motorcycle trip of the season and picked up two more checkpoints, on the Oregon Coast and at Toutle in Washington. She managed to arrive in Washington in time for a lovely evening with friends, then drove over to Multnomah Falls, meandered toward home. But then the motorcycle developed a problem getting fuel to the engine as she was approaching Monmouth. She remembered where a Pedee Women’s Club member lives in Monmouth so she was able to park in their driveway until she got a new fuel filter, and her son Patrick arrived to install it. He did and she and the motorcycle made it home without a pause. The trip was over 400 miles long.

Diane Telfer spent two weeks in September volunteering for the Red Cross. She was based in Greenville, North Carolina, but traveled through much of the state to assess damages so that they could help with housing for the hundreds of people who lost all. She said that the North Carolinians were some of the nicest, friendliest, and helpful people she has met in all her travels for the Red Cross.

Talking about North Carolina, it is the home of the headwaters of the Pee Dee River, for which Pedee is named. This from Wikipedia: The Pee Dee River, also known as the Great Pee Dee River which originates in the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina, where its upper course, above the mouth of the Uwharrie River, is known as the Yadkin River. The lower part of the river is named Pee Dee (in colonial times written Pedee) after the Pee Dee Indian Tribe. The rest of the article is interesting, too.

Eric and Rebekah Schwanke left last week for Nairobi where they will do missionary work for two months. Eric’s assignment is to repair several tractors with no Ag West to buy parts from.

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