On Thursday, Pedee Church kicked off fall activities with a potluck and guest speaker, Josh Allen. Josh shared five lessons he learned over the last year as he underwent a difficult treatment for a large tumor. “God will leave the 99 that are safe to rescue the one that is lost or in distress,” and, “Sometimes the one that God is rescuing is us” were notable. New “Cottage Groups” were formed to meet on Thursdays at 7 p.m. for the next eight weeks to discuss a book entitled, “I am a Church Member.” There’s still space available for those who are interested.

The Pedee Women’s Club had a very good quilt show on Sept. 8, with around 100 quilts plus a silent auction, raffle quilt, and sale table, which brought in money for the soldiers fund and the club’s operation. Now the club is looking forward to their Holiday Fair on Nov. 10, featuring soup and pie and several tables of craft items.

Earlier this summer Judy Guida had guests from England, then this last month hosted their son, Tim Bedwell and his wife Kasia, who are currently living in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. They went to Airlie Winery, Nye Beach, and Portland, and hiked in the area, as well as visiting around the fire pit. Kasia had her first horseback ride; she was scared and nervous but eventually relaxed and enjoyed the experience.

The 4-H group is being organized for fall activities. They will be meeting on the first Tuesday of each month. If your kids want to join the group, contact Heather Traglia at 503-910-7259 or htraglia@gmail.com.

And if you or someone you know have done something of interest (a trip? an award? a kid who got on the football team? other?) and would like others to know, please contact me, Arlene Kovash, at kovasha@gmail.com. I’d like to represent the whole community and not just who I know best. I can rewrite, so you can just send the facts about the activity, not worrying about your writing ability.

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