The Cameron family camped at Ft. Steven’s State Park for Audrey’s family reunion a few weeks ago, where some cousins flew in for the occasion from Puerto Rico, where they are still repairing their sail boat and home after the devastating hurricane last year. Son Chris had just gotten home from the Alaska fishing season, and last week he and daughter Natasha drove to New York where she will attend college.

His brother Bob, who spent a month in Oregon with his family, put his wife and two daughters on a plane to fly home to New York, and he and Bobby Junior joined Chris in another car to drive together across the U.S. Always the great football fans, they visited the home of the Cowboys in Wyoming.

Chris is “hanging out” in New York to celebrate Natasha’s 18th birthday on the 25th, and then the Cameron brothers are meeting up with their cousin Brian Kuluris, of Monmouth, to attend the Beaver game at Ohio State on Sept. 1.

In an exciting end to the Polk County Fair, Shirley McBeth was announced as the runner up to the Queen of the Kitchen at the awards ceremony. She got 27 blue ribbons on her baking and canning, 19 red ribbons, and a white, plus two “Outstanding Exhibit” awards. Rebekah Schwanke won a blue ribbon on her beautiful hand-knitted mittens, and Dawntae Bault entered himself and his horse in ground training and got second place there and in 4-H showmanship, where he got third place.

Rebekah and husband Eric has had a somewhat hectic summer as they’ve been doing a lot of traveling and speaking in churches, as well as long hours in farm machinery getting the harvest in. They were recently blessed by trips to Nye, Montana, our local Bridgeport Chapel, and the Christmas Valley Community Church to speak about their upcoming missionary trip to Kenya and South Sudan. They love meeting new friends in each church they visit.

Debbie Cochrane and her daughter Paige went to two concerts recently. They went to Eugene for a Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert, then got tickets for the Chris Stapleton concert in Washington right before Paige had won front row seats and a meet-and-greet after the show with Stapleton, so they invited friends, and off they went to see the show and talk to him personally. Very fun!

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