By Arlene Kovash

Plan to come to Pedee’s first old-fashioned community potluck picnic on Aug. 24 from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The fun will include Joe Shinkle’s “99 West” band and there will be free face painting, free school supplies, fun games, an old-time cake walk, and community softball game. Sponsors so far include the Pedee Women’s Club, Pedee Church, and Luckiamute School. Come on out for this community celebration and make a tie dyed T-shirt to commemorate the occasion.

Nic and Cassandra Heller traveled to Washington, D.C., in June to received the Star of Life award by the Ambulance Association of America. While there, Nic met Sen. Ron Wyden, Sen. Jeff Merkley and Rep. Kurt Schrader and had a guided tour of the capital building by one of Sen. Wyden’s interns. They did discuss HR-2887, which is a public safety bill that affects for-profit ambulance services and providers being covered with death benefits. There were 107 other EMT’s and paramedics from around the U.S. who received the award. Nic and Cassandra visited a few of the Smithsonian museums, including the natural history and Native American museums. Nic works for Pacific West Ambulance, but when he’s not at work he volunteers with them and responds out of the Pedee station, providing national caliber service in our remote area.

Well, Portia Perkins’ trip to Hawaii was much more exciting than she let on. She and eight other family members, including her sister Paula, spent 10 days at a beautiful rented home near the beach on Oahu and had a wonderful time, not only on the beach, but shopping and touring several historical spots, including Pearl Harbor and a submarine there, the Polynesian Center and Brigham Young University. Several nights they trekked further up the road to eat at the many food trucks along the way. They stopped at a shrimp food truck they’d heard about on Guy Fieri’s show on the Food Channel. All the fish they ate was fresh from the water and delicious. Travel on the island of Oahu is very slow and takes a long time to go a short distance. The hills on the island were breathtaking but only a mountain goat could live on them, Portia said.

Here’s an interesting story about Portia’s trip. Her sister had witnessed a theft. There is a group of people who case the area, find someone to rob, wait for them to leave their belongs, then they strike. A young man was checking her group out. Everyone on the beach was dressed in shorts or swimming suits but he was dressed in black slacks, a black hoodie and had a black back pack. He planted himself about five feet from them so they kept our eye on him. When he turned around and looked at them, Portia looked him square in the eyes and waved. He left the area shortly after. Yay, Portia! All in all, it was a wonderful, joyous time with family, as it should be!

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