Thanksgiving was quieter than usual in Pedee, but interesting, for many of the neighbors this year. For instance:

Portia Perkins and husband Jack Giles were planning a traditional Thanksgiving dinner of turkey and all the trimmings, when her oven quit two days earlier, so she cooked her turkey in the Pedee Women’s Club’s oven and took it home for them to eat.

June Clark went to Salem for a Thanksgiving dinner with her son Patrick and his girlfriend Shy of Portland. They had some trouble finding a place to eat but in the end had a nice meal.

Darrel and Shirley McBeth had all the family over to their house for dinner, then most went to visit Darrel’s 97-year-old mother, Dorothy McBeth, who lives in Dallas now. Dorothy was happy to be included in their plans. She’s doing pretty well, but gets tired easily.

Dave and Suzanne Burbank invited us and good friends Jim and Donna Wernz of Philomath and Glenn Nichol, who is Derek’s high school friend and lives in Salem now. They had three turkeys they were raising for the holiday season and when they had butchered the two toms, they dressed out at 43 pounds each! Too big, so they butchered the hen, who dressed out at “only” 29 pounds. It still didn’t fit in the oven, so Dave smoked it in the Traeger, which it barely fit into. We all had turkey to take home.

Pete and LaVerne Bennett had dinner with their son Nick and wife Michelle. No excitement there, but just good family fun.

Juandeane Skidmore’s grandson Gregory has been living with her for some time now and he cooked their Thanksgiving dinner of pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy (and surely a vegetable) for the two of them, which Juandeane was very pleased with. Gregory is daughter Beth’s son.

Bill and Linda Chertudi’s whole family came for a Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday. There were 21 of them, including their kids John, Lisa, and Michelle and family and Linda’s sisters, Pam and Jock Dalton and their daughter Lois of Dallas, and Teresa, who lives in Charlotte, NC, came for the occasion. Bill and Linda had moved into their new home on Fir Grove road earlier this summer so enjoyed trying in out for the holiday.

A lot of slash has been burning in Pedee these last two weeks, including probably 50 piles next door to us. The whole valley was filled with smoke mingled with fog for several days, which I like as I love the smell of the smoke as it makes me think of Fall.

The women of Pedee church are having a cookie decorating party at the church this Saturday, Dec. 9, from 2-4. They will then package the cookies for the youth group to take to neighbors in the area on Sunday. A sweet idea!

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