Former Pedee School students and teachers attended a reunion on Saturday, April 27, at the Ritner Creek Covered Bridge. There was a good turnout and lots of good food as old and young Pedee “kids” shared memories and enjoyed seeing friends from years gone by. The oldest Pedee school boy was Curt McCormick who attended there in the ‘50’s. One of the teachers, Fred Harding, was there to greet a number of his former students, also from the ‘50’s.

Students present represented four generations, some coming from long distances to attend. Janet Maddux Klinger came from Boardman, and was one of the organizers of the event, with word spread mostly by Facebook messages and phone calls. Teresa Jahn Gitmer and Gloria Loflin were among those coming from far away. Tanya Burbank was among the youngest students that attended.

The reunion was a heartwarming event with lots of hugs and sweet memories shared. It was remembered that it was the Pedee school children who saved the covered bridge when it was scheduled for destruction. They wrote letters and even rode a school bus to the Capital to ask that the bridge be repaired and moved to its present location when it was taken off the Kings Valley Highway. The group decided that on the last Saturday of each April the Pedee School reunion will continue, so mark your calendars now. I will so I can let you know ahead of time, as many people hadn’t gotten the information.

Linda Chertudi and family celebrated Easter on Saturday, April 20th, at sister and brother-in-law Pam and Jock Dalton’s in Dallas. Almost all the family was there, including sister Teresa Gitmer, who came from Charlotte, North Carolina. The adults hid 730 (plastic) eggs filled with goodies for the kids to find, plus they all later colored 30 real ones.

Joe Toma, who comes to church with Linda North and who is non-verbal (among other health challenges) because of genetic issues, will be speaking with students at two colleges this week with the aid of his iPad and “proloquotogo” app, about how he communicates with the app. It will be a good chance for the students to interact with a person in his situation and to see the possibilities now available to him. Joe, who is 21, has had several projects over the years, including collecting bears for kids who need them and gathering supplies for the homeless. One goal is to be an ambassador for non-verbal people, so he is in the process of setting up a Facebook page to get information out about himself and the possibilities he has with his computer program.

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