Jerry Mentzer was on the road again last week, taking Christmas trees to be shipped to far points. This week he is driving in earnest, now getting trees to the rest of the country. You do wonder how fresh those trees will be in Arizona or further south. I’d say we are spoiled.

Billy and Heather Traglia took four members of the Pedee Church youth group down to Redding for a youth conference two weeks ago. Alex and Allana Russell and Jenae Traglia and her friend Sophie Shollenberger met with other youth from all over the world who were at the conference to draw closer to God.

Alex Russell said that “This is an experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life.” The kids are already planning to go to next year’s conference.

The Pedee school kids had a fun Halloween party on the 31st, giving them a quick break from academics to play and have a good time together. This party was successfully planned by their 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Wittich, and her student leadership team. After Thanksgiving a few students and staff will be going to cut boughs from the trees Kendall Cates is growing, for the school to make holiday swags. The art class will be putting those together to be sold as another fundraiser. The school welcomed two new 6th grade students recently, putting that class at full capacity at 25. They still have room for new students in seventh and eighth grades.

Eric and Rebekah Schwanke say hello from Dukana in extreme Northern Kenya, which is made up of several nomadic herder tribes who raise camels, sheep, goats, and cows. At Dukana, Eric is keeping busy in the mechanics shop and both are helping where they can. They are now taking on the garden plot project, where they will help fence the plot, set up irrigation and plant the seeds. There seems to be an endless amount of mechanical problems to fix in various locations, so Eric is happy. There is lots of travel and every day is different.

New community and church member Eva Jones, mother of Jeff Cameron, died rather suddenly on Oct. 19 at age 90. She came from Florida to be with Jeff and his wife Mary and family, and was loved by all so we’ll miss her. She wasn’t fond of our rain and cold-to-her weather so she and I had that in common — we agreed that the best thing to do was to wear undershirts, which help a lot.

The men of Pedee Church are back to cutting firewood for those in need, starting on Saturday, Nov. 10. Chuck Goetzinger says that they will be meeting at the church at 8 to plan their day and to eat fresh cinnamon rolls made for them each time. They meet every three weeks and would love help so come on out — church attendance not required, or even inquired about.

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