June Clark is back on the road with her motorcycle now that the weather is better. She spent nine days going 2,000 miles (including 25 miles on a muddy gravel road following a herd of cows and their calves). On the way she chalked up nine Rose City motorcycle checkpoints in four states, spent three days petting Borzois (her favorite dogs) who were competing in the National Borzoi Specialty in Richland, Washington, and sat one day at USA Honda in Walla Walla getting a new rear tire. She saw a lot but was happy to get home. She claims not to be as young as she once was, but I’m not so sure about that, although she did celebrate her 76th birthday last week at the Pedee Women’s Club.

Pedee Church is lending support to new missionaries Eric and Rebekah Schwanke, who spoke to the congregation on Sunday, May 27, telling about their experiences in Kenya and about their upcoming trip to east Africa this fall. They’ve also been traveling around Oregon and Rebekah’s home state of Montana to speak to other congregations. They are interesting speakers. Contact Pedee Church if you’d like to help support them.

Clayton, Jennifer, and Noah Cameron came from Andersen, California, to spend a recent weekend with his parents, Steve and Audrey Cameron. Clayton was busy helping his dad with jobs around the farm, including building a new picnic table from lumber off the old house. The family enjoyed eating Clayton’s barbecued Alaska salmon on the new table. Clayton and Jenny brought a beautiful flat of strawberries along and Audrey had fun turning it into strawberry jam to share with the family.

Diane Telfer had the pleasure of having her three grandchildren, Teá (6), Titus (4), and Tenley (2), for four days while their parents, David and Kelly Telfer, celebrated their 10th anniversary. Paul missed out as he spent two weeks in Hilo, Hawaii, with the Red Cross, helping with volcano disaster relief by working the night shift providing health services in the shelters. They always had a beautiful red glow in the sky at night, but it is so sad for all those who have lost their homes.

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