Sadly, the 50+year-old Polk County Saddle-ites club has disbanded, as the group got smaller and smaller and no one was available to take on leadership positions. But one activity has flourished, their twice a year horseback ride. On Saturday, Jan. 5, Jerry Mentzer hosted the ride for friends, and friends of friends, as he has done for several years now. The group of 20 or so riders met at Jerry’s pasture and headed out from there, riding the trails around the Pedee area for a couple of hours. Afterward they had their traditional bonfire and lunch. Some people in the group brought prickly pear cactus pads to fry, which was a real treat and very appreciated. Not sure how they got the stickers off, though.

After spending the holidays with grandchildren in Houston, Joe and Judy Guida moved on to Tampa, where they are staying in a beautiful Airbnb, where Joe was able to work from (he’s based in Houston). During his off hours, they visited with old friends of his, plus caught up on eating their fill of Cuban food. Judy’s friend Kathy Alexander of Corvallis flew in to visit for a few days, also.

The eighth-grade girls at the Pedee campus of the Luckiamute Charter Schools started a six week series of STEM classes at OSU on Tuesday nights. STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four areas—science, technology, engineering and math—and helping them integrate the four areas and applying the information they gained. The students are also starting another fundraising effort selling flavored popcorn in an effort to get enough money for their big rafting field trip at the end of the year. The fundraiser will run through the 22nd. Each student has an order form or they have one at school if someone would like to stop in the office Monday through Thursday, 8 to 3:30. talk to Cali Beasley.

Correction: Nic Heller is already an EMT and is going to school and working toward his paramedic certification.

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