I was wrong. The Pedee Church members of all ages are still working on wood during the summer, and our next meeting at 8 a.m. on August 17.  They cut when they can or stack and store or deliver. If you know someone who can’t get wood, either because of financial or physical reasons, please let the church know.

LaVerne Bennett presented patriotic quilts to five surprised Vietnam veterans of the Independence Wagon Wheeler Square Dance Club at their dance on July 6. Two more members who were absent that night will also receive quilts. This prolific quilter had made all seven of these beautiful quilts in the weeks before, to honor the vets. She and husband Pete have been dancers in the club for 44 years. Square dancing is serious fun, so ask her how to get involved.

Pedee Church’s Weekly Wranglers (the kids) and others interested are going to the Gilbert House in Salem on July 18 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Gilbert House does allow for outside food to be brought in, so feel free to bring your own dinner to eat. Pedee Church member Richard Davis is hosting.

Several of us in Pedee, plus our friends, meet in Central Oregon yearly for a week of sewing, hiking, visiting, and attending the Sisters quilt show, which is where we were as I wrote. Suzanne Burbank, Judy Guida, and I were at Judy’s condo in Eagle Crest with friends Donna Wernz and Maralee Whitcomb from Philomath, Ann Hunter Anderson from up the road near Dallas, and Jan Andrews from Corvallis.

Judy just had five of her grandchildren visiting from Houston for several days. AJ (15) and Tristen (6) came first for a week, then Nina (15), Neko (12), and Sam (7), were here for several days. They love Pedee, where they can ride Judy’s horses, play with the other animals, ride in the pickup, play in the creek, go to the beach, and hike.

Did you go on vacation or visit the relatives? Send me your news: kovasha@Gmail.com.

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